Happy birthday to Madonna!

Posted by Sylar On Sunday, August 16, 2009

gs4  Today marks the 51st birthday of the most amazing and inspiring person in the world of music – the queen of pop Madonna.


“It’s a celebration…”

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Happy birthday Madonna I love you so so so much!!!!
    You are the queen


  2. joe*to*hell Said,

    it IS a celebration
    even though her bday is tomorrow :)


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Happy Birthday Madonna! Let the next 9 years be good to you! I was glad to see u perform in NYC last year! Can't wait for the next tour!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    She is and will be the Goddes of Pop for the eternity ....Happy Birthday our Madgesty ^^!! love u


  5. Anonymous Said,

    happy bday honey we love u....


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Buon Compleanno Madonna! Long live the Queen


  7. Sania Said,

    Happy Birthday Madonna!! Loved seeing you live this year. You are a big inspiration, Keep it up girl...you rock our world!


  8. Anonymous Said,



  9. Anonymous Said,

    Happy b-day Madge, you don't look a day over 80 with those horrendous chicken cutlets in your face!! hahaha


  10. Anonymous Said,

    Happy birthday My beloved queen!!! =D I loooove youu!!


  11. Anonymous Said,

    pmsl at the chicken cutlets , leave her alone ..happy birthday madonna i love you


  12. ly Said,

    Happy Birthday Madonna, please continue making good music and i hope you that you have a lot of hits in the comming years

    Felicidades desde méxico


  13. Anonymous Said,



  14. 312348 Said,

    Happy Birthday Madonna.


  15. Ally Said,

    Happy Bday, Madonna! We love you so much!


  16. Anonymous Said,

    Happy Birthday !Xxxxxxx


  17. Anonymous Said,


    HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!!

    I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. Alex@ndar Said,

    Happy birthday madonna!!!! I love you so much!


  19. H.a.p.p.y. B.i.r.t.h.d.a.y. Her Madgesty M.A.D.O.N.N.A.!.

    Check out my tribute:


  20. Happy b´day to the one and only Queen Madonna...

    love you loads!!!! XOXO


  21. Anonymous Said,

    Well M, this love story has been going on for decades. You still betray me with all those men. But I forgive you. Who would say that you'd turn 51 and look amazing, and work like mad, with a bunch of kids, Jesus include...I hope they all know how to love Mamma. Believe me, you mother thousands around the world. Your birthday, it's indeed a celebration of love and life. To say I love can look so cheap. But I do, I really love you, and I cannot imagine life without you. See you soon honey.


  22. madonnalover Said,

    WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! 51! gawd, thinking about her getting 51 just gives me the chills, it makes me even love her more! weird, right? haha! she still is and will always be our QUEEN. YAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY!


  23. Dan Said,

    Happy Birthday Madonna!!

    You Rule!!


  24. Anonymous Said,

    feliz cumpleanos diva de las divas...


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