“Celebration” video teaser

Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Source: Perez Hilton

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    ooh exciting it look good very pupping i think i like the song now better with the video


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Why does everything she does suck now? :(


  3. Anonymous Said,

    "Why does everything she does suck now? :("

    It's because she doesn't try anymore. She just goes thru the motions. There is no heart in it anymore.. it is just a career now.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    Yeah, there's depth or thought into her music or videos. There is no Art... last time she did something artistic was the Cross and other aspects of the Confessions Tour. Ever since then everything has been done without passion...


  5. Anonymous Said,

    WTF? I do not wanna see stupid ass dancers... some1 needs to slap this bitch across the face for doing that vapid song in the first place.

    I agree with the above people... when a Britney Spears video has more story and production values is time to start re-thinking your lack of imagination.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Have you ALL seen the whole video??


  7. Anonymous Said,

    No but based on the clips, pictures, and her track record lately we all pretty much know what to expect from her. Its just gonna be the basic flailing about in a studio with as little effort as possible from her and quick edits to cover the fact that there's no concept or interest. She should really call it a day if this is what we can expect from her from now on. Its depressing. She's ruining her legacy and becoming just another mediocre pop star.


  8. rocketboy Said,

    Right, because after giving you album after album of new material, after putting out a new record every few years that is completely new from the last one, then going on tour to promote said record and giving it up for two hours non stop, then starting up all over again in a few years and doing THAT for twenty five years and trying to raise a family and have her own life...it makes NO SENSE AT ALL that she should not give this throw away song FROM A 'BEST OF' COLLECTION all of the same attention that she gave a song like 'Express Yourself", especially considering she's STILL ON TOUR! HOW DARE HER! It is SO absurd that she should not meet your every expectation at every second. Yawn!

    You bitches need to get over yourselves, stop being so self-centered and appreciate it for what it is. She owes you NOTHING! Like it or not. But seriously, when was the last time any of YOU made an album or video? Yeah, didn't think so.

    Oh and one more thing, it really is sad that you post your little gripes all while remaining anonymous. So typical.


  9. Xtian Said,

    rocketboy... please clean Madonna's shit off your face (since your tongue is stuck up her ass) when you addreess your zombie like opinions on us please.

    If Madonna cannot bother when her crap material why would us do it? it's okay if you wanna eat the garbage she's throwing at us but not everybody's gonna support her mediocre efforts, she already have enough YES people in her payroll to do that.


  10. Sylar Said,

    Guys, please, relax. It's JUST a music video. Sure, it would be probably lame, judging by stills and teasers, but our bad attitude won't make it a bit better ;) She still does great videos (4 Minutes just to name one) and we can't expect her to do another "Bedtime Stories" in what - 12 hours? It's impossible.

    We should be grateful that she filmed a video, no matter if we're satisfied with it or not. Would it be better if she just put out a song without making and effort and recording this vid?

    Who knows - Revolver is getting released after the tour ends, so then there won't be any excuses. Perhaps they even save money for that video.

    Let's just relax and go with the flow :D


  11. Zak Said,

    I agree with rocket boy apart from the fact the new song in fucking great and im glad it aint released in the uk till the 14th september cause the benny benassi remix is MASSIVE on the underground scene in london and i gaurantee it will be number 1 in the UK


  12. Anonymous Said,

    why all these madonna haters still continue to visit her fansites?
    "You don't know if you want to hit me or kiss me." LOL


  13. Sylar Said,

    I don't think they are haters, they are only concerned about Madonna's career. And let's be honest, she delivered a lot more on the past than she does now, especially in field of music videos. But times change, and so did her priorities ;)


  14. Anonymous Said,

    erm perhaps this is the edit remix video , he was said to have done two videos , i mean it was filmed in a club ??????????? I think there will be two videos


  15. rocketboy Said,

    Just to clear up one thing, I like 'Celebration' very much. But it's clearly not a song that took a lot of effort to write or produce. Again, SHE IS ON TOUR, and all things should be taken into consideration when accusing her of 'mediocre efforts'.

    And please try to use proper grammar when attacking me. Otherwise you sound like a child. :)


  16. Anonymous Said,

    I demanding her to do her JOB and not go with the motions is being a hater then so be it...


  17. Xtian Said,

    Try to write in italian & spanish like I do and maybe then you can criticize people's use of language here, you grammar nazi! haha.

    Then again you like middle of the road shit like Celebration, enough said.


  18. Anonymous Said,



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  20. Anonymous Said,

    Hi the one right above me~ As an earlier comment says, they don't know whether they want to hit M or kiss M!!


  21. Anonymous Said,

    BTW, 'Try to write in italian & spanish like I do' is written in English. You seem confused.


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