Celebration on iTunes charts today

Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Finland – #1
Italy – #1
Netherlands – #1
Spain – #1
Sweden – #1
Mexico – #1
Belgium – #2
Norway – #2
Greece – #3
Canada – #4
France – #6
Portugal – #7
Switzerland – #6
Denmark – #11
Ireland – #16
Australia – #29
US – #23
Luxembourg – #49
New Zealand – #108

Source: All About Madonna

23 Responses to "Celebration on iTunes charts today"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    in the US its at 24 not 43.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    In the US it is @ 24-25. Let's get it to #1 on iTunes! It's #3 at Amazon! Buy it...buy it for friends, family...! Call radio in your area and request it. It only takes a few minutes!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Why can we NOT get it on iTunes uk yet??????


  4. Mark Said,

    yere y cant we =[


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Cos she is a local act now.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    australia is slowly moving up (now 26). But can I ask, what promotion has there been? how woudl people know to buy it? there's still no video, its not been played on australian radio, and the remixes havent seem to arrived in australian clubs yet. and if you go to the warner australia site, you wouldnt even know that madonna was still part of warner!!


  7. Anonymous Said,

    You missed the brand new Mexico store. She's #1 there now too!


  8. Anonymous Said,

    where is the video???
    the song needs promotion in the US!!!


  9. Anonymous Said,

    Call your radio stations and request it! Especially in the shady US!!!! I have called my station 4 times already (Colorado Springs/Pueblo, Colorado. And buy buy buy it!


  10. Anonymous Said,

    ...Chicago is Americas third major radio market and requesting the song on Chicago radio can really help Madonna on Billboards Hot 100! Please call 312-591-9696 or text Madonna celebration to 29696, after you get a text sent back please resend another one! The second text after the first goes directly to the on air board. Or call Kissfmchicago 312-591-1035! NYC Z100 800-242-0100 (from DM)


  11. Anonymous Said,

    will we know today at which position Celebration will chart on the Billboard HOT 100?


  12. Anonymous Said,

    Fans in the US...are you hearing "celebration"
    on US radio?? Where do you live? Please request it-even if you are hearing it


  13. Anonymous Said,

    it's not on the HOT100........... is it normal a country where a song is number 3 on amazon and no. 23 on itunes and is not in the single chart????


  14. Anonymous Said,

    Boring US ... it always seems like a fight for M to reach any positions. If most of the American people and stations do not want her, they don´t need to. EVERY other country in the world does love her and her dance-music - it´s a fact! Who cares about billboard in other countries anymore?


  15. Anonymous Said,

    I'm from the U.S. but don't listen to pop radio often. I have been checking in on Dallas' top 40 station and from what I hear they are not playing it. So typical. If it's not hip hop or some stupid Disney kid, it won't be played here.


  16. Anonymous Said,

    well, that's a matter of fact: the whole world is playin' Celebration except the US. That's crazy :-O


  17. Anonymous Said,

    I didn´t like the US-Charts for years now, it´s all the same ... stupid stuff! Glad to live in Europe ... here you have more styles, no boring Mariah Carey gets any feet into the Top 20 - and Madonna sounds European!


  18. zak in London Said,

    Screw US radio, Screw UK Radio, Screw Warner, Screw Mariah, Screw the Shite Hard Candy album.

    The New Madonna song Celebration (esp the benny benassi remix) is a pounding dirty electro dance tune for this generation how could anyone ever imagine a 50 year old woman would still have her finger on the pulse. I go to alot of underground clubs and also DJ in them around London and everytime its played People go mad for it. It is THE dance tune of the summer if it dont go to number one fuck it who cares i dont, all i know is i love it and people who dont usally like madonna also cant believe its her and also love it!! Well done girl you have done me and all your fans proud thank you for making Summer 2009 a classic one.

    Much love to all of you out there


  19. Anonymous Said,

    Hey Zak, I'm in London but I'm well hacked off that itunes STILL don't have it availlable to buy in the UK!!! Radio is playing it but I still haven't caught the whole song... First few seconds - last few seconds only. Does ANYBODY know why UK is getting such a raw deal??? Madge - sort us out luv!!!


  20. Anonymous Said,

    PS.... She'll ALWAYS be Madge to me... NEVER "M" So much more fitting for an adopted English Lady :-)


  21. Anonymous Said,

    In italy we're going crazy for this song!!!!


  22. Anonymous Said,

    US Needs to open their heart, and stop being like a virgin to madonna radio, she is true blue to her fans and the US had blacked her out....oops I didn't know I couldn't make good music and not have it played in US SUCKS


  23. Anonymous Said,

    Yeah, madonna and Benny rock!


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