Yaman Okur on working with Madonna

Posted by Sylar On Friday, July 03, 2009
The Paris-born Okur, whose dreams came true when he first joined Madonna onstage before an audience of 60,000 in September 2008 as a dancer during her world tour, was busy rehearsing for the upcoming performances of the tour last week, but took some time to answer a few questions on the phone.

How is Madonna’s behavior towards her dancers?

In my opinion, Madonna is more of a beautiful mother than an artist. … She approaches all of us just like a mother. She cares about our comfort, and she approaches with love and protection just like a mother does.

In a documentary, I watched Madonna gather her dancers and pray together with them before her stage shows. Did you also pray with her?

Yes, of course we did. Among her dancers there is also another Muslim dancer named Norman, who normally lives in Malaysia. Madonna knew we’re Muslims. She heard us read al-Fatiha [ahead of a performance] in one corner, and she listened to us. Just two days later, while we were about to pray all together before the show, she said to us, “You read ‘al-Fatiha,’ too.” She is so unique and so special.

Which Madonna song gives you the greatest inspiration for dancing?

My favorite song from her Sticky & Sweet Tour is “Beat Goes On.” Actually I was chosen as a choreographer, and I prepared the choreography for the song “Heartbeat.” You will see it when the tour’s DVD comes out. I love the song “Heartbeat,” as well.

Any hints for approaching Madonna or any guidelines for getting a chance to become a dancer for her?

Actually, there is a hint. Madonna likes things she has never seen before, things that are very unique. A brand new dance undiscovered, brand new music undiscovered. She liked my slow-motion numbers when she chose me. … Madonna likes original and very different things, and she is not afraid of giving it a try. She is open to novelty. If you want to approach her, you have to come up with new things.

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Wow! I want to dance with Madonna with all my being and beyond! I am here praying for attaining it!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    How does one get a job working as one of Madonna's personal assistants?


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