Listen to Celebration

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, July 30, 2009

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Perfect! Fantastic!


  2. chris Said,

    Great ! I am happy,great CLUB Track !!!!!!


  3. Armin Said,

    Pop music, fresh and catchy - no stupid R&B in the back, no boring yo yo-check this out. European and ... great!


    We love you, Madonna!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    I love this song,it's fantastic!!!


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Her best track so far


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Love the track.


  7. Dan Said,

    Its Amazing!!

    I think she has realised that most of the world Isn't America and most of the world appreciate poppy dance.


  8. chris Said,

    I cant tell you,how happy i am lol
    After the Timbaland lalala, now this BOMB track!
    Next tour :This Song , i want to see it !


  9. Anonymous Said,



  10. Anonymous Said,

    Maybe billboard isn´t ready to celebrate, but we´re not sorry. Rest of the world loves you, Madonna. This is great!


  11. Madgeisrare Said,

    Hi everyone. It's Madgeisrare. I'm the one that posted this video. The video has been blocked but I am in the middle of getting it back. So don't worry ;)


  12. Anonymous Said,

    I do agree with Armin , this is not the same lame hip hip yo-yo music , the world loves madonna for being the best pop artist out there , for the whole universe not just stupid hip hop land , good for you Madonna and thanks for lsitening your fans all oev rthe world we need more of this from her!


  13. Anonymous Said,

    madonna's a legend so her critics and haters can kiss my a**. the queen is bacccccccck! i love the song!!!


  14. Fitzy0151 Said,

    Love it!!!! Sod the US if they don't get it! The rest of the world will love it! Amazing POP which we love from M. xxxx


  15. Anonymous Said,

    hey...i made the instrumental version, so take a look:


  16. Anonymous Said,

    You people are SO right. I live in America and doubt it will be a big radio hit here. It WILL be a huge club hit however! American radio is absolutely horrid these days.


  17. Anonymous Said,

    a very Madonna song!!! I love it


  18. Anonymous Said,

    Hard Candy showed that Madonna should no longer care deeply for the American market. Her real fan will buy her good stuff, without following the industry standards. Let's face it, it's a political issue, not even the Obama admnistration will change it. American leaders are retarding the masses over there, too bad for them. However Madonna shoud revisit her own music style with Bray and Leonard. For the time being, celebration is great to close this chapter. Remember M the more Madonna you are the more sucessful you will be.
    I am sure this track will be a huge hit compared to Hung Up. Congrastulations everyone. I love it!


  19. Anonymous Said,


  20. Anonymous Said,

    Once again, Madonna fans show their true colors and piss on music they don't understand. Why do you have to insult hip hop to appreciate Celebration? This song is anything but groundbreaking. Recycled lyrics, 1999 production value, but she's practically getting a Grammy around here. "Her best track so far?" In her whole career?!! If you couldn't dance to anything on Hard Candy, you probably couldn't dance to begin with. Then you want to make this an anti-American issue too? And yet you're here praising an American artist. IGNORANT. Maybe racist too. I'm waiting on someone to say "thank God she stopped making that ghetto music." Think before you type, people.


  21. Anonymous Said,

    Thank god she stopped making ghetto music!


  22. Sylar Said,

    Hard Candy is not ghetto music. It's not even R&B for god's sake


  23. Anonymous Said,

    LOVE THIS TRACK!!!! Yes, it may have simple lyrics, but it works so very well and is very catchy.


  24. Anonymous Said,

    The perfect song...i started listening to her music 19 years ago and i have never gotten bored


  25. Anonymous Said,

    Dated piece of shit, I'm not even in America but this crappy ass track is uneventful.


  26. Anonymous Said,

    Forget the album version
    Benny Benassi Radio Edit Remix Has Leaked!!!!
    love this version


  27. Anonymous Said,

    Although I liked (not loved) Hard Candy, I couldn't wait for the old Madonna, the one I have worhipped for the last 22years, to return. Here she is!!!
    Not as good as Hung Up (but hey, that was pure and simple perfection)still a great dance track.
    As for the America/ghetto music issue - is not mystery she has always been more apreciated in the rest of the world than there and she knows that...


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