Latest report from the location of Madonna's new video

Posted by Sylar On Sunday, July 19, 2009
MadonnaTribe community member Lombo1983 reports from the location of the Celebrate video at Metropol:

"Last night I was at the Metropol, every fan came up with a Madonna look. The fashion stylist there was looking at the fans' various outfits, looks and memorabilia and in case they were not what they wanted they helped with extra clothes and stuff they had ready there.

They used a total of 25 fans and among the look that were chosen there were Like a virgin, Cowgirl, Gheisha, Hung up, 1987 look, DWT look and more. Reportedly director Jonas Akerlund stood there on the set for the all time and apparently Madonna tried on several wigs. Madonna did some rehearsals for the video on Friday but her bits were filmed yesterday. They apparently filmed for 8 hours just the same part of the song over and over and they never played the full song. These footage will be edited with the parts filmed last week at the Gold restaurant and the fans.

The fans taking part to the video first danced to the new dancey song all together, then they were filmed separately while dancing on his/her own in front a white screen.

The final editing will probably happen in New York and security there revealed that Milan was the location chosen since the start since Dolce & Gabbana offered their Metropol space reportedly for free."

Thanks to Lombo1983 for his report!

Source; MadonnaTribe

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