''If it makes you feel good, then I say do it!'' Madonna celebrates another decade of music!
That's just one line Madonna chants in her new funlovin' single "Celebrate", taken from her upcoming Greatest Hits compilation tentatively released in September.
But is she recycling herself? Or is this yet another reinvention?
With additional lyrics like "I don't know what you're waiting for" and "Step to the beat boy that's what it's for", she gives a new kick to her classic tracks and pays a brilliant reverence to them in a genuine way only she can. You will all be able to judge for yourself as the single is being shipped to radio stations as we speak, to be debuted towards the end of this month.
Furthermore, the excellent mutual works of Madonna and Paul Oakenfold has fruited a definite club number. An old school, revamped Madonna track, which also includes a sexy speaking part that takes us back to one of her very first hits, "Everybody". We even dare to say "Spotlight" comes to mind for its freshness and spontaneity. Expect a lot of “Yeah's”. Fans will certainly jump off their sits to this dance piece.
Now will we be getting a brand new music video? Let's sit back and see.
The second fresh track landing in the Greatest Hits is "Revolver", produced by Frank E, featuring a short and efficient rap by Lil Wayne, similar to what we've heard on his initial and original version for the song. Still it remains an absolute Madonna track. Her vocals are high pitched, almost juvenile. Music wise, not much was altered, same for lyrical content. This however is the only collaboration by Frank E and Madonna and the result rocks.
So what didn't make it?
"Broken", an original track written and produced by Madonna and Paul Oakenfold, that was earlier mistaken for "I'm sorry". Another light dance track in which she repeatedly asks us (or the media?) if we don't feel sorry for her.
Another discarded track off the hits album would be a song that was written back in 2001 by Madonna and Mirwais Ahmadza├», we assume for her underrated "American Life" album, and reworked by DJ Oakenfold for the current CD. "Cool" would be its working title. An in-your-face upbeat track. This one might actually get a proper release in some form, so we wouldn't want to spill the beans just yet but it’s an overt teasing Madonna track.
We are up for an inspiring new era, time to get the celebration started!

Source: Drowned Madonna

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