Green Pink Caviar in Madonna's Candy Shop

Posted by Sylar On Wednesday, July 01, 2009
Madonna fans heading to the latest leg of her Sticky & Sweet tour, which kicks back off in London on Saturday, are in for a surprise. The opening song, "Candy Shop," will be performed under a pair of giant luscious, pink lips licking and sucking on sparkly gold, orange, silver and green goo.
The nine-minute video, titled "Green Pink Caviar", is a new addition to the tour courtesy of artist Marilyn Minter, whose photographic work is in Madonna’s personal collection.

"When I heard Madonna might be interested [in the video], I said, 'Wow, how much does she want me to pay her?'" laughs Minter, who was initially told it was too late to insert anything into the tour. Apparently it was too good to resist and became part of the show.
"Then [Madonna] actually paid me a bunch of money and sent tickets," said Minter, who is on her way to the U.K. for her first-ever Madonna concert to see her video in action.
Minter-watchers will recognize the short as a movie "trailer" that played at the Sunshine Cinemas and on a Times Square screen earlier this year. It will also feature on two large screens in Los Angeles when Minter’s next show opens at Regen Projects on Oct. 24.

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8 Responses to "Green Pink Caviar in Madonna's Candy Shop"

  1. Wouter Said,

    Ok, that was kinda groce...
    I hope it looks better at the tour!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    I think it looks cooler than the original candy themed video... at least this is kind of sexy yet disturbing, fits the song very well.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    I like the original back drop better. It reminded me of Tim Burton.


  4. Sane Person Said,

    This is just plain nasty. As 'artistic' as this might be, the candy intro wins hands down. A Willy Wonka inspired introduction replaced by some drunk slurping and spitting green goo...big mistake. Still love Madge though!


  5. Wouter Said,

    The middle is good! But the end is really disgusting, it's just like she/he's eating vomit..


  6. Anonymous Said,

    most disgusting thing i have ever seen in my life >_<


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