Sticky & Sweet 2009 gets Frozen

Posted by Sylar On Sunday, June 21, 2009
Frozen_video The MadonnaTribe team has heard some more exclusive tidbits coming from the rehearsals of Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Tour 2009.

After hearing and reporting first that Holiday will be replacing Heartbeat and a rocky version of Dress You Up, played on a guitar riff calling to mind The Knack's song "My Sharona", will take the place of Borderline in the Old School part of the show we heard that there's another surprising song change in the show.

This time the surprising news is that a dance version of the 1998 hit single Frozen is being rehearsed in the place of the "not so loved by fans" "Rock guitar version" of Hung Up!

Frozen, written by Madonna and Patrick Leonard has already been played twice live on Madonna tours: in 2001's Drowned World Tour and in 2004's re-Invention Tour.

Source: MadonnaTribe

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  1. Anonymous Said,



  2. Anonymous Said,

    finally! the best song she's ever had!!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    I wonder if there going to film these 3 new additions to the 2009 leg of the tour and put them on the dvd as bonus tracks?


  4. Anonymous Said,

    i really hope so !
    im really curious about the dancing version of frozen.
    there have already been so many remixes of this track but most of these mixes didnt really feel good to me


  5. Anonymous Said,

    omg .. i am over the mooon!!!!!!!


  6. Anonymous Said,

    She has thousands of songs ..why always the same songs on tour?


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Frozen is one of the best studio track ever...not quite that good when performed live though.Let's see...she might surprise us and deliver the best reinvented song ever!! Although it won't happen for sure I'd love her to add new versions of The Power Of Goodbye/Open Your Heart/Who's That Girl..just to mention a few.


  8. Anonymous Said,

    OMG!!!!hoping this is happy to hear that hung up may be replaced with a dancey number...if only dress you up wasnt being done on guitar!!oooh roll on july 7th!!!


  9. Anonymous Said,

    Im curious what would this dance version of Frozen sound like! Her Madgesty is diffinitely one talented musician! She can make any of (her) songs dance-y! Long Live The Queen!!!


  10. Anonymous Said,

    I like Hung up rock version AND frozen!!
    Why can't she put both in the setlist?


  11. Xtian Said,

    Best news ever! No more butchering of Hung Up to make our ears bleed!


  12. TinkerTenor Said,

    I liked the "Heartbeat" performance (one of my favorite HC tracks), and "Borderline" was a wonderful surprise to me. Therefore I am distressed at the news. Take out that tragic, colorless remix of "Give It 2 Me" and put "Holiday" at the end where it belongs and I'll be happy. Oh and "Frozen" is good too, much better than hearing "what waiting sounds like" via "Hung Up" again.


  13. madonnalover Said,

    OMG, that is so AWESOME! I'm so happy. I adore Frozen, and I didn't like that version if Hung UP at all! I'm glad we got Frozen! Awesome.


  14. Tom Fitz Said,

    I LOVE Hung Up, but that version was awful! Pity she didn't replace it with a decent version of it! Quite pleased with Frozen though - hop the remix is great!


  15. Anonymous Said,

    Congratulations M. Remove Spanish Lesson for Who´s That Girl and your heading into the right direction. Why do you assume that frozen has to be dance, I think it should be uptempo, cause that last section is really killing for everyone, by the time of Give it To Me I could not sing or dance, I was dead!!!!


  16. Anonymous Said,

    Last summer at the September 20 Paris show, I literally turned my back to the stage in protest of what she did to "Hung Up".This gave me a chance to see people's faces as she was shredding on that guitar and let me tell you, people were absolutely baffled and disturbed by what was coming out of that stage. Awful! She managed to take a flawless song and ruin it. It is shrewd of her to substitute it with "Frozen" or anything else. Even a country and western version of "Jimmy Jimmy" would be more welcome than that version of "Hung Up".


  17. Anonymous Said,

    She needs to just get rid of that stupid guitar and sing and dance like the fans expect. I don't want to see Madonna play a guitar. Get off your lazy but and dance biyatch!


  18. Anonymous Said,

    I agree with an above comment, i really enjoyed the concert, i just didnt feel anything by the time give it to me came on, i was really dissapointed with hung up, ray of light and that shite version of give it to me!


  19. Anonymous Said,

    Playing a guitar makes her LAZY? That is the dumbest thing I've ever read. Do you expect a dance routine when you listen to her CDs too? She's a musician, you know. Janet and Britney need to play an instrument too. That's what you do when you have a recording contract. If you like dance so much, go see a ballet.


  20. Anonymous Said,

    These posts are getting better and better. A country version of Jimmy Jimmy? Very witty! Madonna is 50 and human so she just can't jump for 2 hours. I like the balance. No dance routines that will kill her and no voice left! The truth is Hung Up is such a great dance track that that rock version kills it all. Indeed that version sucks, plus we're tired of Ray of Light, Great song, but played too often, Give it to version is also crappy, I really loved plain as the promo version. Like a Virgin should be the ending track the whole world would sing along, everyone knows it so well, and she could have a laugh herself by tottally ruin in by mocking it. Think about it M!No matter what you always be a virgin and touch us for the very first time, UUUHHH, and that would be a queer blast! See you very soon!!!


  21. Anonymous Said,

    What are they going to do in Belgium? Frozen is a forbidden song over here because of a plagiarism case...


  22. Anonymous Said,

    i LOVED the rock version of HUNG UP!!! i saw her do it at ROSELAND (she sounded AWESOME) and i saw it on the STICKY AND SWEET TOUR too. a "dancey" version of FROZEN sounds a bit silly. FROZEN is an emotional journey...not a dance track. SPANISH LESSON must stay in the show. its hot and sexy and she dances her butt off.


  23. Anonymous Said,

    I LOVE Calvin Harris, and this song fits incredibly perfect with "I'm not Alone". I'd love to hear this live.


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