Sky1 Sticky & Sweet commercial

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, June 27, 2009

9 Responses to "Sky1 Sticky & Sweet commercial"

  1. Dan Said,

    Only a week to go, woo! im excited!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    That is the most awesome trailer I have ever seen in my whole life!!!!!!!!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    That is AMAZING! Madonna really chose a briliant director in Nathan Rissman! A concert that actually looks like a concert! SO much better than Confessions which was butchered by Jonas Akerlud and it looked like it was filmed in a warehouse! SO LOVING STICKY & SWEET-AND THAT BUENOS AIRES CROWD-GREAT!!!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    It looks STUNNING! Finally again a concert footage (after GS) with actual fans in it :D I'm looking more forward to seeing this broadcast than I did years ago with Confessions.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Can't wait to see the whole thing, it looks very good !!


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Can we get SkyHD in the US?


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Sponsored by Matalan.... Lovely....

    Not sure Madonna would approve of that!


  8. Anonymous Said,

    Is Matalan like Walmart or something?


  9. Anonymous Said,

    It looks amazing. I wish the Confession Tour was edited in the same way and shot from a stadium rather then "Wembley's local bingo hall"


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