Miles Away [Official Unreleased Video]

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, June 06, 2009

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    BORING.... Once the best videomaker in the world, and now this? Come on, Madonna! You can do so much better!!!! /Jocke from Sweden


  2. Anonymous Said,

    yeah, it is boring. I never get artists who made videos out of clips from their concerts...i find it being lazy."hey lets make a video for our new single" "ah, we should make a video out of clips from our tour" Viola! sooo genius...NOT! hehheeheh.... I'm glad Her Madgesty didnt release this..


  3. Anonymous Said,

    They do it in promotion for the tour - "oh look at those people enjoyign themselves, i want to be apart of it", so it coems out just before the repriese of the sticky and sweet tour!.
    it may have got into the top 20 if this video was released.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    I think I'm the only one who loves it <33


  5. Anonymous Said,

    loves it too but yeah, i'd expect more from the queen. it's just for the tour promo so I see why this video was like that. Smart business woman, I see.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!! I just can't believe it!!!!!!!!! I was there!!!!! My god!!!! in was in Buenos Aires!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Tim Said,

    The video fits the theme of the song with her on Tour, plus how would she have had time to make a professional video for it. It is what it is, stop your whining


  8. Anonymous Said,

    she has some others live videos better than this like Dress You Up or Hanky Panky


  9. Xtian Said,

    I kinda like it. The "behind the scenes" footage adds a nice touch... BUT, I understand why the didn't release it, just look at her face, what have you done Madonna, why?


  10. Anonymous Said,

    What is up with all the complaining "fans"?? This is actually a GREAT VIDEO for a GREAT TOUR!!! No one says that every Madonna video has to be groundbreaking. Shit. And what do you mean you find it "lazy", etc? You go out and travel the WORLD performing and see if you want to fit a video shoot into all of that...This video is great and it's a nice teaser for the Buenos Aires DVD!!


  11. Anonymous Said,

    this video isboring Madge spent money and make something better only 2 video for Hard candy and no one is very reat!!!You need something lie Frozen ...I'm waiting... because I'm your old fan and I see in this year that you are tired and your latest video are very simply and already view.... please make something new and innovative


  12. Anonymous Said,

    those years NEVER GONNA come back
    NOW SHE DOESNT , VIDEOS LOOKS lazy and boring


  13. Anonymous Said,

    I disagree. 4 Minutes was a great video and I don't understand why many fans don't want to admit it. Sure, GI2M, MA, Jump,... are crap, but she still makes good videos, especially for the first singles. Too bad that she loses interest in them till the second single already...


  14. Anonymous Said,

    i like the video of Miles's nice! And she didn't have time to make a real video.


  15. Anonymous Said,

    right , she didnt have time for to make a video ; that why become a lazy video


  16. Anonymous Said,

    There's always time if you want to do something, guys. This just shows her being very uninterested in the single release.


  17. Anonymous Said,

    Well I think its pretty good, stop bloody moaning!


  18. Anonymous Said,

    no time for shoot a good video?^??? man pleae is her job!!!!! make music and shoot video!!!! She wantmoney so WORK!!!! not only go at party all aroud the world


  19. Anonymous Said,

    I thinks lots of people around here need a life of their own. Madonna does not call all her shots in her business, there's something called Warner, Live Nation, etc. If the video was very good that would be out. A good song without a video that's nothing new in her carreer. We are not Madonna bosses, if you like it fine if you don't why bother to make such negative comments. No one in the world work as hard as Madonna, she made it all, see this Lady Gaga copycating her all around. It's been a long time since Madonna disco and viodeography has been mistreated. Hope it will get better! Even if the the prices are mad, there is nothing compared like being in font of the queen, her passion for Music, Dance and Art are just amazing, plus the fact that she does amuse us. Be grateful that God send us one of His best in our time. Amen Madonna!!!


  20. Anonymous Said,

    First off, videos don't really matter anymore. Secondly, it is hardly a terrible video. Many artists use tour footage for the current single when they are ON TOUR. The days of great videos are over. No one plays them except youtube. Mtv??? maybe between the hours of 2 and 4 am. I actually enjoyed watching this video.


  21. tARN Said,

    imo, people need to learn to be appreciative. I loved this video, it portrayed the immeasurable power of connectedness she has with us fans, that other singers can only dream of.


  22. Anonymous Said,

    Stop justifying the mediocrity ; madonna can walk one more mile so why not . a good video .
    Madonna is getting old on her work same crap


  23. Tony Said,

    why there are so many complaints .......
    at least we got an official release
    and i love it


  24. Anonymous Said,

    Yeah, but it is still BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING!!! And usually Madonna always deliver something good and interesting. One other thing, Madonna! PLEASE DON`T KILL HUNG UP on this tour as well!! Stop playing the f**king guitarr. Bring the DISCO back... We love you anyway, thow!

    Jocke and Kim, Stockholm


  25. Marrrrk :) Said,

    I think its because she wants to move on with future projects - now that shes almost left warner [without them getting as much profit of hers as possible], the reason why i became a fan of madonna was because of her originalit. yes you cant have a 100% track record but seriously this era? - im not that impressed, no offence to anyone if you enjopy it then brilliant just i guess we all have our expectations :/


  26. Mauricio Said,

    Amazing! IN CRE I BLE!!!! I was there!
    Aguante Argentina!


  27. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna's work used to make people sweeter, nowdays people use it to be bitter. This was not oficially released, Warner asked it back all those DVD's in Italy, this means Madonna is not lowering her work quality. I think it's quite nice for a promotion video, indeed very basic, but not horrible or distasteful. Who are you people that complain about every single thing. Don't go to the shows, don't buy her records, but please break this hatre chain. Madonna is about love and fun!!!


  28. Anonymous Said,

    who we are? the people who spend alot money on her , the people who dedicate our life , but we are not stupid we know madonna can do better than that .

    even she speak her mind why we can't ???


  29. Anonymous Said,

    She's Lip-Synching in this live performance video. HORRIBLE.

    I've been a fan for years and this is lazy, shoddy work.


  30. Anonymous Said,

    well she does few song we all know that , who doesn't anyway .


  31. Anonymous Said,

    i was more disgusted reading these comments than i was by the video. you mean you are will to throw away 25 years of Madonna's BRILLIANCE on one 4 min video?? and for ANYONE to call Madonna "LAZY", "BORING" or "MEDIOCORE" should be shot at dawn.


  32. Anonymous Said,

    I too am disappointed with this video. I always skip it when I'm watching the dvd. However, I blame Warner, not Madonna. The company wants to save money so they just commisioned a video with bits and pieces from the Sticky & Sweet Tour. It is a shame that Warner still has so much control over Madonna. Hopefully her move to Live Nation will allow her more freedom to make more creative videos and avoid more "Miles Away" or "Get Together" videos.


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