Madonna: Sticky & Sweet in high definition

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, June 18, 2009
See more, hear more, feel everything... Sky1 presents Madonna in stunning high definition!

On the 4th of July, Sky1 and Sky1HD will play host to a unique, sexy, and incredible event: the exclusive premiere of Madonna: Sticky and Sweet, a very special live concert recorded in December 2008 at the River Plate Stadium in in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Madonna: Sticky and Sweet features the iconic star’s greatest hits and songs from her latest studio album, Hard Candy. The controversial, record-breaking tour features four sections: ‘Pimp,’ ‘Old School,’ ‘Gypsy’ and ‘Rave’ and has won universal praise with The Times remarking, "In the premiere league of song-and-dance spectaculars, the queen of pop remains unrivalled and undefeated."

Madonna: Sticky and Sweet was directed by Nathan Rissman (Madonna’s “I Am Because We Are”) and is a Live Nation Production.
Stuart Murphy, Director of Programming, Sky1, 2 and 3, commented: “Spend a fantastic night with one of the world’s biggest music stars live in your living room…in high definition. HD will make audiences feel like they’re literally there with her. It’s fantastic, event television that only Sky1 can offer and the show is sure to set temperatures soaring this summer.”

Here you have a few official photos from Sky1’s promotional site:

Source: Sky1

8 Responses to "Madonna: Sticky & Sweet in high definition"

  1. LordDstroyer Said,

    :O perfect!!!
    So.. songs confirmed:
    Like a Prayer! Miles Away, Candy Shop, 4 Minutes, Human Nature! Music... =)


  2. Sylar Said,

    lol, the photos are not confirmation for the included performances :D I do want LAP more than anything though ;)


  3. LordDstroyer Said,

    LAP its like the "must have" included performance!( I will be mad if LAP its cut from the broadcast =( )

    -_-' Ok.. sorry man.. But remember.. The hope never dies =D


  4. James Said,

    can someone please record this for us American fans?!!??!


  5. Anonymous Said,

    looking at it being on for 2 and a half just wondering if maybe they showing the whole thing and not editing it to bits??(im praying!!)


  6. Dan Said,

    Yea thats what i was thinking with it being on 2 and a half hours!

    unless its gonna be packed with adverts. =(


  7. Anonymous Said,

    the best gift for my b-day :)
    can't wait <33


  8. Anonymous Said,

    This is atleast a step toward it being aired on US TV and elsewhere! Fans need to twitter Guy Oseary and tell him that US and Worldwide fans need a broadcast too!!!! Be positive though people (I've seen some of your post...)Seriously-he reads and responds to TWITTER!


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