Madonna Sticky and Sweet - by Guy Oseary

Posted by Sylar On Friday, June 12, 2009
Following the success of Madonna: Confessions, the powerHouse team, Madonna, and Guy Oseary return with a knockout punch: Sticky & Sweet, a dynamic look at Madonna’s celebrated Sticky & Sweet Tour, which broke all previous records and became the number-one highest grossing tour of any solo artist ever - with Madonna playing before 2,350,282 fans and selling over 280 million dollars’ worth of tickets. The tour has been extended through the summer of 2009 and will have passed the mark of 400 million dollars in ticket sales by the time it’s complete.

In over 400 full-color photographs taken on, and backstage, during the course of this historic 58-show tour, Oseary documents the four acts of the rock-driven, pop journey that is the Sticky & Sweet show.

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Pimp: A mashed-up homage to 1920s deco and modern-day gangsta pimp, with Madonna making a grand entrance dressed in Givenchy.

Old School: Madonna tips her hat to her early-80s, downtown, New York City dance roots, with flashes of Keith Haring and the dance culture vibe of the time, including the birth of Hip Hop.

Gypsy: A VIP trip to La Isla Bonita, infused with the spirit of Romanian folk music and dance - a tour de force.

Rave: Far-eastern influences emerge all sparkly and sporty.

Guy Oseary is the CEO of Maverick and Madonna’s manager. He has worked closely with Madonna for almost two decades, and was
the only individual permitted to take photographs both on and backstage on the landmark Sticky & Sweet Tour. Oseary’s first book, Madonna Confessions, was published by powerHouse in 2008.

Madonna - Sticky & Sweet - Photography by Guy Oseary
Hardcover, 9 x 12 inches, 280 pages, over 400 four-color photographs
ISBN: 978-1-57687-532-2

Source: MadonnaTribe

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  1. the first photo for Boston 10-16, the person with their hand standing up (near the guy in orange behind the purple shirt guy) is me!!!


  2. Madgetribe Said,

    That's amazing! I think I don't have to ask you if you'll buy the book :D Congrats!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    erm... the photos aren't that great. fans take just as good photos in the audience. and the cover looks very similar to the tom munro tour book shoot, no?


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