Vogue - Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD Preview!!!

Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, May 05, 2009
Here’s a professionally shot and edited preview video (one minute long) of Vogue from Sticky & Sweet Tour. It is probably a preview clip of the upcoming DVD release.

25 Responses to "Vogue - Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD Preview!!!"

  1. Xtian Said,

    ugh, this remind me of how long do we have to wait to get the damn DVD.... coolness still.


  2. Sara T Said,

    GET IT!! Big Bass REMIXES MY FAVORITE! Can't wait for the dvd xoxo Sara T.


  3. Mteylingen Said,

    Looks great and even sounds great...looks like they remastered her voice again (which is understandable)...First have to see S&S 2009 and then...hopefully soon after the last show...we can get the dvd!!!!!


  4. RubeusSMF Said,

    OMG! That was amazing! Can't wait to see the full concert dvd. Time goes by so slowly for those who wait...


  5. madonnalover Said,

    OMG amaaaaaazing!!!!!! I adore it already. Can't wait for the DVD. We still have to wait soooooo long.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    I don't like the editing at all. The Confessions Tour was filmed in a much more dynamic way.


  7. FeroMoon Said,


    Thank you for this preview. Can´t wait until it will hit the stores.


  8. mATTIA Said,

    Where can we download this?



  9. Anonymous Said,

    Loves it <3

    Download link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/29nhb3


  10. Anonymous Said,

    This Video Looks with Very Much Post-Production Work!!! It Looks Marvellous, Fantastic, Stupendous! A Relief for the Eyes!!!


  11. MEDUSAGUY Said,



  12. Anonymous Said,

    Oh my god, I just love this performance. Can't wait to see her again this summer :)


  13. frozen_fever Said,

    It's crazy how much more you can hear when it's professionally done! This doesn't help the excitement!


  14. chris Said,

    Thats absolutely great.




  15. Anonymous Said,

    Wow that looks AMAZING! Who is the one that said the Confessions Tour looked better?? This direction is amazing, pure brilliance and grace in those sweeping shots!!! The Confessions Tour was a mess with too much editing....Hell yeah to Sticky & Sweet DVD-Way to go Madonna and Nathan Rissman!!!!!


  16. Anonymous Said,

    this will look great on blu-ray


  17. Anonymous Said,

    the singing is totally lipsync, cuz she totally doesnt sound like that on the real concert.


  18. Anonymous Said,

    It´s amazing what Madonna can do. Can't wait to have it. The queen rules!!!!!


  19. Anonymous Said,

    FANTASTIC!! One of the best remixes of the tour as well as Like a Prayer. Can't wait...
    Talking of Confesions , although I loved the tour I wasn't too impressed with the dvd.
    It looks like she was in recording studio ...the arena/stadium vibe was totally missing. Long gone those goosebumps of the Who's that Girl Tour when it felt like being among the crowd...


  20. Anonymous Said,

    Any word when the DVD is going to be released?


  21. Anonymous Said,

    How did it leak?


  22. Anonymous Said,

    Amaizin! please post some more!!!


  23. Anonymous Said,

    OMG... this SUCKS. They dub a pre-recorded voice over the live recording... why? Because she sucks. If she didnt suck, then it would be her live voice like REAL artists do. See, the thing is rather you want to admit it or not... Madonna is not a good singer, she simply KNEW how to do business thanks to her brother Christopher. Now that Christopher has dumped her selfish ass, she's up shit creek. You'll see. Madonna will be NO MORE soooon enough.


  24. Anonymous Said,

    what the hell are you on about kylie... stop you are good!!! stop dissing madonna..


  25. Anonymous Said,

    The audio is obviously dubbed... I think the visual aspect is amazing but I don't like the dubbed audio. And to an anonymous post on 5/12 Madonna didn't learn anything from Christopher... he is/was/always will be a bitter younger brother...Madonna is #1 in the industry and will continue on forever... she will never be beat


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