RaVaughn clears rumours about Revolver net demo

Posted by Sylar On Wednesday, May 13, 2009
rav The big buzz that has been going on in the fan forums since a few days is all about the snippets, that have been leaked onto the internet, of the original demo (not sung by Madonna), of the new song that the Queen Of Pop has recently recorded in the studio and that is titled "Revolver".

Our long time friend and forum member Tastyboy had the chance to speak to RaVaughn, the vocalist that has worked as a backing singer for many R&b artists and that has confirmed that it's actually her singing in the demo and not "Shawnna featuring Jackie Boyz", as the leaked snipped has been mislabeled.

"I did record the original female demo 'Revolver'", adding that "The Jackie Boyz" wrote it and asked me to come demo it for them. Los of the Jackie Boys recorded it originally and they wanted a female vocal on it so I went in and did it."

Deducing that "Revolver" reached Madonna when DJ Frank E submitted it to her while recently working together in the studio for her Greatest Hits package, the song had been already submitted (and probably turned down) by a few artists: "It was said to be pitched to Katy Perry and Flo-Rida, he was supposed to rap on it", RaVaughn told our friend. Commenting about her demo that leaked onto the internet RaVaughn said: "I didn't even know a lot of people heard the demo. I knew it got leaked, but wasn't aware that so many people were in to it!"

Source: MadonnaTribe

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