Posh gets star struck

Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, May 19, 2009
fass_madonna_04_h "It's just phenomenal! I actually didn't know Madonna was going to wear my dress, I hadn't sent it to her - she picked it herself and when I saw the picture in a magazine I was overwhelmed. For her to wear one of my designs - wow. She looked so amazing in it."

Victoria Beckham, explaining how she was "overwhelmed" when Madonna wore one of her high-end dresses to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party last February.
The party is not the only time Madonna has donned a dress from Victoria's range a she sported a tight-fitting frock from the line when she took part in the "Blame it on Rio" photoshoot for W magazine last year.

Source: Stuff.co.nt (found at MadonnaTribe)

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