Proposed packaging for the up-coming greatest hits collection

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, April 25, 2009
Adam&Co. is an award winning creative studio located in Boston, specialized in branding, packaging and brand identities. Their recent work captured the eye of Rachel Dunagan at website, who posted a blog entry about the work Adam&Co submitted when they were asked to present concepts for Madonna's forthcoming Greatest Hits compilation, due out September, a project they simply name as "Hits".

"The project evolved in a different direction but we thought this packaging deserved to see the light of day in some form or fashion!", the die line writes. Check this cool post and Adam&Co's fascinating work by clicking the screen cap below.


Source: The Dieline

27 Responses to "Proposed packaging for the up-coming greatest hits collection"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    OMG! This looks great. Very dark and stylish. I hope she decides for something creative as this and not for the ordinary CD packaging.


  2. Anonymous Said,


    I love that!!
    I HOPE it will be something as amazing as that...


  3. lukau13 Said,

    really good, this is art....


  4. Anonymous Said,

    i like the last picture...the rest were blah! she should do a new different shoots definitely something new...


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Oh very nice. And it looks like it will be the full career, but even though each page lists all the singles from each album, it looks like the cd doesnt have every single on it ??? but the fold out cross looks awesome. maybe just a better picture. but she obviously didnt like this .. i just hope she hasnt gone for something 'in fashion'. She needs to stick to more timeless styles.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    It looks dated already... which is good, I don't want to see her new chicken cutlets cheek implants in any new release.


  7. Anonymous Said,

    The Idea of the TREE is very Interesting!!!


  8. Anonymous Said,

    I was very sceptic about the GHV4 but VERY THRILLED now!!!
    Love it!!!!!! And hope it will contain a DVD as well!!


  9. Anonymous Said,

    Too bad the music is not as good as the packaging. Has she even had any substantial hits after "Hung Up" ("Music" in the US)? I say move on to the next album, and deliver another masterpiece in the same level of "Ray of Light". Now!!!!!


  10. Anonymous Said,

    It seems to me that 4 Minutes was a big worldwide hit, not to mention toher hits like Sorry or Give It 2 Me that wrere hits in some contries.
    She had plenty of hits in the last decade, not sure if any other females have had more...
    Great packaging, yet she'll be shooting with Steven Meisel for it, won't she ?


  11. Sylar Said,

    Yes she had pretty big hits this decade too. Especially with 4 Minutes in the US, what seems hard to admit to some fans :D The Vanity Fair photo was used only for demonstration of the packaging. There will be a new shot for GH and Louis Vuitton. I am very happy to see that they are "investigating" other packaging possibilities than a normal CD. Let's hope they will make another iconic compilation.


  12. Anonymous Said,

    I love this artwork. I'm so looking forward to this. :-)


  13. Ruso Said,

    Love the design, but I hope the cover photo will be changed, it looks HORRIBLE!

    And also, I believe (and should be) that the GH HAVE TO BE a Double CD Pack, there's NO WAY to put all her almost 30-years career in 1 disc!


  14. Anonymous Said,

    ok guys, Im missing out something here: Is this her 3rd GH Collection? or 4th? The First was Immaculate Collection, 2nd was the GHV2, was the 3rd one, Something To Remember album? oh btw, the best GH collection photo shoots was the Immaculate one. I can see people people still appreciating the photo spread 100 years from now, classic yet edgy! I hope and pray Her Madgesty will do the same for this 3rd or 4th GH Collection. I cant wait! -P


  15. Anonymous Said,

    It looks like something any fan could do with Photoshop. Obviously the music is way better than the packaging. The last 2 collections had more recent images in them, and the new one needs some as well. She made the right decision!


  16. Fran Wilkins Said,

    chuck in the ReInvention Tour DVD with the CD
    and it'll be the best box set ever!


  17. Anonymous Said,

    This looks really bad. It looks like some half assed Photoshop job any fan made. The only piece I like is the last RIT/Tree one. The cover is HORRIBLE. Hopefully she won't use these concepts.


  18. Anonymous Said,

    Thank God they're working on something different, I like the idea that Steven Meisel s the photographer, once Herb Ritts is no longer among us. Hope he'll make something fresh and new, clean and classic.
    The album being called Hits seem a bit too simple. Depending on the concept we'll see how the chosen name will fit. Once the European tour will be finished we'll have it. They should release a killing single by July and sing it all over the tour.


  19. Anonymous Said,

    anyone who thinks this is the perfect design for her upcoming GH package is a tosser. this is average.


  20. Anonymous Said,

    Not very original ,


  21. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna's camp need to take a leaf out of Depeche Mode's book as far as packaging/generosity of content goes:


  22. Anonymous Said,

    well madonna is quite cheap when it comes to art work albums


  23. Anonymous Said,

    it's not the result!
    it's only a concept!
    but very nice...


  24. Anonymous Said,



  25. Anonymous Said,

    I Love It
    Great Des
    I Hop Used The Des
    Realy I Love It


  26. Anonymous Said,

    some of you have no taste whatsoever. this is crapola.


  27. Anonymous Said,

    i think she should call this collection The Hits & the Missus.. LOL


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