Madonna suffers minor injuries in fall from horse

Posted by Sylar On Sunday, April 19, 2009
photo04 U.S. singer and actress Madonna was thrown from a horse and suffered minor injuries on Saturday after the animal was startled by photographers on New York's Long Island, her spokeswoman said.

The 50-year-old entertainer was later released from a hospital with minor injuries and bruises, spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg said in a statement.

"The accident occurred when the horse Madonna was riding was startled by paparazzi who jumped out of the bushes to photograph the singer who was visiting friends on Eastern Long Island over the weekend," the statement said.

It added she would be having further tests and remained under observation by doctors.

Source: Reuters

19 Responses to "Madonna suffers minor injuries in fall from horse"

  1. Xtian85 Said,

    shit...... she really needs to keep away from horses..... even though it was the paparazzi startling it but STILL!!!


  2. Anonymous Said,

    agree quite selfish ; why a woman with 3 kids is exposing her life with a silly riding horse .


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Riding horses is just a sport, any sport includes risks. People can make really stupid comments!


  4. Jessie Said,

    Curse the paparazzi who spooked Madonna's horse when she was riding!! But my Queen is as tough as steel and just another fall wouldn't kill her! Get well soon and love you always M!


  5. Vjeko Said,

    And after they said the paparazzi is to blame for her fall off the horse, you publish a paparazzi made photo?! How double faced!


  6. Anonymous Said,

    It's only to show what happened to her, jekov.


  7. Xtian Said,

    Something in the milk ain't clean... if it was a paparazzis fault then where's the pictures of her falling down? I call that statement bullshit!! She just fell on her ass & nobodies to blame but her.

    She should be more careful, imagine if she had adopted Mercy & she dies, that poor girl would be an orphan again...


  8. Anonymous Said,

    even after a fall her hair still manages to look flawless!

    get back on the horse and ride girl! just another bruise...she can take it... she's a tough chick.


  9. Anonymous Said,

    Yea, and the photohogs lied about killing Princess Diana too! They weren't involved with her death or caused it! Diana death was cased by UFO chasing her car!


  10. Anonymous Said,

    well madonna its time you take responsibilities for your own crazy acts
    Someday you 'll be sorry .


  11. Anonymous Said,

    with 3 kid you shouldn't be risking your life with any " risk sport " that is selfish , stupid


  12. Anonymous Said,

    Blah, blah, blah, whine, blah, more whinning.

    She should be riding Jesus instead of a horse...


  13. Anonymous Said,

    She's just riding a horse...I've never seen a case on the news of someone dying falling from a horse. So why would she be selfish for riding a horse.


  14. Tarn Said,

    i cant believe how insensitive some of these negative comments are.

    get well soon madge <3!


  15. Anonymous Said,

    yes, what very insensitive ignoramuses these people are!!


  16. Anonymous Said,

    response to 3 comments up:

    you can become paralysed from falling off a horse. case in point - christopher reeve.


  17. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna's face is already paralysed... no big deal anyways.


  18. HUGE M FAN! Said,

    Why do haters come to MADONNA specific websites to spew hate? If you do not like Madonna, do not come to a site directed solely to her. God, people are stupid!! Some might say you people REALLY NEED TO GET A LIFE! And if the paparazzi weren't to blame, how do they have photos right after the fall?


  19. Anonymous Said,

    I'm sure she's ok. Her big fat ass EGO saved her, no worries.


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