Madonna: “Let the storm commence”

Posted by Sylar On Wednesday, April 01, 2009
0011 Defiant Madonna has told friends she will not be put off by the barrage of criticism over her attempt to adopt a second child from Malawi.

The singer knew her trip to find a sister for three-year-old David Banda would stir up a hornets’ nest – and sent friend Ben Fellows an email that predicted: “Let the storm commence.”

British film-maker Ben, who was himself adopted, said Madonna was determined to face the flak head-on. He added: “Once Madonna has put her mind to something, she achieves it – and this adoption is no different. “She told me she thought it was very important that David had a sister, she had unconditional love to give another child and was going to jump through hoops to get her.

“She knew exactly what she was walking into. She was well aware that people would start sniping about it. She sent me an email just before she left for Malawi and signed it off ‘Let the storm commence!’”

Ben, who became friends with Madonna two years ago when he was making a film about his search for his birth mother, insisted she will be a great mum to Mercy James, the three-year-old girl she wants to adopt.

He said: “Despite her reputation, Madonna is a warm, loving woman. She speaks from the heart.” London-based Ben, 34, said Madonna was angry when she was criticised for adopting David in November 2006.

He added: “She couldn’t understand it. She was hurt. Surely it shows how loved Mercy James is going to be that Madonna is prepared to go through all of this again in order to adopt her?” Madonna, 50, yesterday took David back to the orphanage in Malawi where he used to live.

She apologised to staff there after the toddler seemed not to understand when the children there spoke to him in the Chichewa language.

Madonna, also accompanied by daughter Lourdes, 12, and son Rocco, seven, said she had hired a tutor to ensure David would be able to speak to the orphans on future visits. She then handed out David and Rocco’s old clothes to youngsters.

David was taken to see the room where he used to sleep and was reunited with the nurse who used to look after him. One staff member said: “David can’t remember his time here because he was only a baby when he left.”

Mercy James was not with Madonna. She is being looked after by a nanny at a lodge where the family is staying. A judge will rule on Madonna’s adoption attempt this week. She has been accused of using her fame to sidestep rules.

Source: Mirror

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