Rumour: Madonna to shoot a new music video in Italy?

Posted by Sylar On Monday, March 23, 2009
venaria2 Italian music TV station MTV reports that Madonna will film a new music video for “Incredible” in Venaria (in province of Turin).


She felt in love with Venaria after watching a CBS documentary about the town. The pop diva will consider the possibility of setting the shooting in the seventeenth-century palace. Apparently, the storyline will be placed in the 17th century, with costumes from that era and 100 extras.

Madonna’s spokesperson, Liz Rosenberg  admits that "she might come back to Italy since she did in Venice the "Like A Virgin" video".

Source: MTV. it

41 Responses to "Rumour: Madonna to shoot a new music video in Italy?"

  1. Jane Said,

    Hmm...I hope she really does something like this. It sounds epic!
    Will it be as a surprise addition to S&S Tour that Guy O mentioned or really a new single? Or maybe a video for GH compilation? I'm not so sure about having Incredible as a single though :)

    We'll see what happens...


  2. Matthew Said,

    Guy also said there was almost no chance for a 4th single.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    aww it dose look like such a beautiful place! but dose this mean they releasing incredible as the 4Th single or is this just a video backdrop for the S&S Tour?..and i don't know why she's doing it for incredible as i and most folks found that song incredibly treble! she should of make the video for any else but that like Voices or Devil wouldn't recognize you instead!
    you know something that might have a chance of getting played on the radio! Warner is such a horrible promoter!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    fck i hope not. what a sh!t song.


  5. グウェン Said,

    this sh!t is bananas.....Incredible is THE worst song from HC


  6. Xtian Said,

    It's INCREDIBLE (no pun intended) that she's doing a video for such a grating song...


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Yeah, I don't hate Incredible, but it's not a good choice for a single. There are too many better choices.


  8. JloNash Said,

    Ouh ma Gawd..

    Italy is incredible!!!!



  9. Anonymous Said,

    Maybe the song will be remixed as a single/video release.


  10. Anonymous Said,

    Incredible = sh..!!!! please Madonna choose another song!!!!!!!


  11. Anonymous Said,

    I thought of being Beat Goes On the 4th Single!?


  12. Anonymous Said,

    i just want single form hard candy, doesn't matter wich but idea fot this look very cool


  13. Anonymous Said,

    hope it's not true that song sucks!


  14. Jonathan Said,

    Why do soo many people hate this song? I think it's great even though it's not my fav song from the album ! :D


  15. Anonymous Said,

    I doubt many hate the song, it's one of the best on Hard Candy along with Heart Beat!


  16. G Said,

    Incredible is the only song from the album that I wouldn't listen to.


  17. Anonymous Said,

    why do so many people hate it? cmon, its madonna and pharrel at their weakest. the lyrics are lame and its a mess as far as the architecture of the song goes. madonnas vocals are also cringe-worthy. its all just a bit half-baked - along with a lot of the other pharrell-produced numbers. i think the timbaland songs are more lush and layered and her ideas and vocals seem more inspired. take Candy Shop for instance. an average song with a pretty good hook but it could have been SO much more. sounds like a demo. really disappointed with this album. but anyway, onwarda and upwards hey...


  18. Anonymous Said,

    what a great idea for a city... to promote. now everyone will write about it and ovbiously this news is nothing but good PR.


  19. Anonymous Said,

    Hello, as WB says no more Single from HC!!!

    I think if it's true it the new one from the Greatest Hits 3 or a fake ;-))


  20. Dan Said,

    I love Incredible, would love it as a single it could be an unexpected hit.


  21. rayray Said,

    I must agree with most of you. I enjoy every other song on the album but Incredible is just simply not a good song, certainly not good enough for the Queen.


  22. Anonymous Said,

    Incredible is the only good song on Hard Candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Anonymous Said,

    Incredible is the only song from Hard Candy that DJ's in New York would touch and are mixing and spinning! I'm one of them... The rest of the album is garbage! Now Confessions was a classic!


  24. Anonymous Said,

    Incredible is well, Incredible!!!!!!!!!!! Best song!!!!!!!


  25. Anonymous Said,

    Incredible should be on Confession On A Dance Floor.... Best song off Hard Candy!


  26. Anonymous Said,

    Madonna should of did all her songs on Hard Candy like Incredile


  27. Anonymous Said,

    Incredible is the only song from the album that I would listen to. The rest were her worst!


  28. Willy Said,

    Wow, so many people with hearing problems...can't see how bad Incredible is.


  29. Anonymous Said,

    incredible should of been the first single and only single off of hard candy.


  30. Anonymous Said,

    So many devotee sheep like her basic boring style music and pass up a gem like Incredible! Amazing!!!!!!


  31. Anonymous Said,

    She should have done what Gwen Stefani did with L.A.M.B, make all the songs into singles!


  32. Anonymous Said,

    Yayayayayay the best song off Hard Candy! It's Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  33. Zac Said,

    one of the worst I've ever heard from her


  34. Anonymous Said,

    Incredible is a fantastic song! I thought for sure it would of been a single off Hard Candy! Miles Away is a musical travesty that's too repetitious in sound as well lyrically! The only other song on that album that deserves notoriety is Heart Beat! 4 Mins is what you call crap at it's ultimate worst!


  35. Anonymous Said,

    Really hot discussion around this subject. Incredible it's incredible and it's probably the most adult and complex song on HC. Could it make a good single? Maybe in Europe, it would do fine like Nobody's Perfect from Music,not an instant single, but something that could go very far if Madonna gave it some work, like a decent cinematic music video.
    The song is indeed very long, it needs heavy editing. Incredible is not the worst song from Hard Candy, Spanish lesson is crap, Dance tonight is crap, Candy shop is close to crap. Indeed Incredible and Heartbeat are the really good surprises on, almost all the rest it's industry production, not very seductive to a real Madonna fan, we like to go beyond the obvious. Music business nowdays is crap, Warner decisions are crap. Madonna please get out of this crap, you are so much better than this and you know. Loving you always!!!!!!You are The soundtrack of my life!


  36. Anonymous Said,

    The whole Hard Candy album sucks except for Incredible and Heart Beat


  37. Anonymous Said,

    Incredible should of been the first single, not the last!


  38. Anonymous Said,

    Why is everyone fighting? There's no next single. The video will be for something else...


  39. Anonymous Said,

    Incredible sucks!!!!!


  40. Anonymous Said,

    Incredible is the best song!


  41. Danny Said,

    The worst song of HC is Dance 2night...
    Incredible is a mediocre song but I've heard much worse than that...the worst song of HC is Dance 2night.
    Sorry for digressing but I liked that comment from anonymous : Madge is soundtrack of my life. That's exactly what I told her when I met her at Selfridges in London 4 years ago...I think she loved that comment, or at least I like to think that.


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