Pet Shop Boys were to produce for ‘Hard Candy’

Posted by Sylar On Sunday, March 08, 2009
6a00e54ffb97e6883401116885f730970c-800wiYesterday Pet Shop Boys gave media the chance to pre-listen to "Yes", their forthcoming new record, in London, for review purposes only and, after the album listening, Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys frontman) held a Q&A session with reporters.

One of the several questions they asked was about Pet Shop Boys latest (scrapped) collaborations and Neil shockingly stated that after remixing "Sorry" in 2006, they were contacted again by Warner, in 2007, and asked to write & produce some tracks for an album Madonna was planning at the time (which later became "Hard Candy")

Sadly, the same week Warner's changed mind and according to Neil own words "we got told to forget it as they decided to shove her down the r&b route" Neil stated Parlophone asked them to write for Kylie's "X" as well, before deciding to send Minogue out to other producers instead (one of the tracks featured on "Yes" (titled "Pandemonium") was actually written & demoed for her, along with other 5 cuts)

Source: PopJustice

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  1. Anonymous Said,


    And to think with the one decision Warner Bros. destroyed Madonna's chance of working with the Pet Shop Boys on an electronic type album. :(


  2. Anonymous Said,



  3. Xtian Said,

    2 queens working with the Queen? what's not to love?


  4. Anonymous Said,

    What can I say? It would have been a better trasition from Confessions to Hard Candy, But Mixing them would sound like Bedtime Stories with a a lot of tracks sounding like Bedtime Story. I guess it was a smart move to tone down Madonna electonica beats, but HC could be much better with unkonown producers, It would have more Madonna finger on it. Pet Shop Boys will around so will Madonna. So never say never. Hail to all queens!!


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Thank god madonna is out warner !!!!!!!


  6. Anonymous Said,

    warner sucks! psb rules!


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Once again, this just goes to show the taste level of suits that run the record companies. Tour aside, "Hard Candy" was all but a total commercial and artistic failure. Madonna doesn't seem to realize that her fans (and not just those who go to the shows to see a spectacle) have matured and are able to digest much more complex music than what was offered on "Hard Candy." She doesn't realize that the target audience for "Hard Candy" type music is too fickle to stay with her longer than a hit first single. A choice such as the Pet Shop Boys to produce her album wouldn't just bring her equal commercial success that she so desperately wants but also ups the "cool" factor and taste level of her music bringing along critical and artistic accolades as well.


  8. Anonymous Said,

    James Murphy/LCD Soundsystem should have produced Hard Candy.


  9. Anonymous Said,

    What IS her target audience?


  10. Anonymous Said,

    The average costumers that buy her records. Not only older fans want more complex music, fans that got in buy Ray of Light and Confessions era dislike Hard Candy, it's so basic. Especially the lyrics, some of them are just ridiculous. Madonna bring Joy, bring Depthm Bring Love to our lives, you've got the pwer to makes ud feel good!!!


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