Exclusive: Madonna's Greatest Hits Album to Include New Songs

Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Calling all Madonna fans! The Queen of Pop is coming out with a long-awaited greatest hits collection this fall.
'We're hoping to have a greatest hits package come out in September," the singer's longtime publicist, Liz Rosenberg, tells PEOPLE. "We're all very excited about it."
With so many hit songs to choose from over her long career, the singer's manager, Guy Oseary, asked fans on Twitter Tuesday which tunes they think should be included. "Working on Madonna's greatest hits album," he wrote. "Any tracks that you think MUST be on?"
Still, the new album won't only feature songs her fans know and love. "Madonna does have plans to go into the studio to record a few new songs for this album," says Rosenberg.
The greatest hits album will be Madonna's last with Warner Records, with whom she sold more than 200 million albums. In October 2007, she ended her 27-year relationship with the label when she signed a reported $150 million deal with concert promoter Live Nation.

Source: People.com

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14 Responses to "Exclusive: Madonna's Greatest Hits Album to Include New Songs"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    so ; what's new ?


  2. quitcherbichinn Said,

    i'll believe it when i see it. this has been talked about for years now. they completely missed the 25th anniversary opportunity. they could make so much more money and sell so much more if they would simply provide the product and listen to what the fans want.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    WE WANT DVD of VT-RIT-BA and new songs! with the entire hit list. Why is that so hard for a friggin record company to understand? Give us everything that has been lacking in previous releases. Jeez!


  4. Xtian Said,

    I don't think we should settle with what we get from her, do you want another GHV2 fiasco?

    It's great that we're getting new songs, that's always a plus but is it really that hard to compile a decent product with extras? other artist doesn't seem to have that problem with their boxset and compilations.


  5. Sylar Said,

    Guys, please calm down ;) I kinda agree with most of you. Warner did nothing to promote the biggest name in music industry. They apparently had no idea, how much money is she bringing them and how much more could she cash in.

    So from now on, please just constructive debate ;) Which songs do you guys want in the GH collection?


  6. A fan since yesterday called Erik Said,

    Ooh, I hit a nerve :-)
    There are reasons why things are happening at a sudden time. New cd, new clip, new this new that.. All about marketing, business baby.
    With you yapping about it is not gonna give a cd. Be happy theres something on the way. At least I am.
    And my comment was for you and Anonymous especially..
    BTW, somebody who's smart does not need to say it!!


  7. Tom Fitz Said,

    I hope her greatest hits are realeased in 2 ways. It is impossible for someone to release a greatest hits on a single cd (when you have had 62 top ten hits in the uk) and please everyone.

    I suggest a cd of no1S from Britain and the US. Look at that track listing - its career spanning and great. (Personaly I would miss out This Used To Be My Playground!) The problem is, is that it misses out a few treasures that absolutely should be on it - most notibly Holiday! (Won't go into Material Girl, Ray Of Light etc...)

    Then there is the 4 disc special edition that should go with it..... That should cover most things. As a collector the things I would like from her RELEASED catalogue on cd are -:

    Lucky Star (Original 7" Edit)
    Open Your Heart (7" Remix)

    Both of which have been unavalable on cd


    True Blue (Remix/Edit)
    La Isla Bonita (7" Remix)
    Like A Prayer (7" version WITHOUT fade)
    Express Yourself (7" Remix)

    All of which are incredibly difficult to get on cd.

    All of the greatest hits should be the ORIGINAL 7" versions and re-mastered, as these were the versions we listened to when they were first out. (I could have cried when Like A Virgin album was remastered without Into The Groove as the remasters are so much louder leaving me with a poor quality sounding Into The Groove from the original Like A Virgin CD and not improved on the German re-issues of the cd single)

    This is a greatest hits of her career with Warner and should be treated as such. New tracks are great and gladly appreciated, however that is not for now...

    Madonna is the most sucessful and influential femail artist ever, and is now the artist who has spent the 3rd longest time in the UK chart. Her back cataogue should not be cheepend too much and I think Warner know that!

    I would love a cd (or cd's!!!!) of unreleased songs and demos etc - however I love the excitement when something is 'leaked' on the web - no matter how poor quality it is - and I look forward to the day when they are truely released. I don't think that time is now though..... Look at the Beatles (No - seriously, I DO think Madonna is in the same rank.) they released those great insites into their unreleased material after they had finished recording - and they went on to (rightly) sell millions with them.

    Madonna anthologies and releasing all those unreleased gems is tasty but a poisoned chalice - we don't deserve them now - and Madonna doesn't deserve it for us to have them now. They are hidden gems waiting our approval and delight in years to come. A greatest hits retrospective is one thing - to own it all right now and not enjoy the surprises from previously unreleased recordings would rob Madonna and leave us begging for nothing.

    Madonna - please give us a great greatest hits - but save the inner sanctury of your hidden recording career until you have nothing left to give us - I for one, would treat this delight as exciting NEW material.

    If there was on thing that could be improved on - it would be the DVD releases. More complete - especially where film soudtracks are concerned. Not even mentioning the tours that remain unrealesed! (Suppose that's what you call a pension!!!!! :-))

    A greatest hits is exactly that! A little treat is fine - don't expect Madonna's recoring soul on a plate - and quite right too! This doesn't mean Warner and Madonna cannot come up with the perfect greatest hits package.

    That means you too Warner!!!!!!

    Tom xxx


  8. Ique Said,

    Finnaly something new to be expected


  9. Anonymous Said,

    Should they include songs that are already on the past greatest hits albums?


  10. Anonymous Said,

    I am sure someone from Warner is lsitening to us. Please no GHV3, mixing American Life, Confessions and Hard Candy can be very tricky, I think Madonna should put out a 3 CD Pack, one or the 80?s, one for 90's ans another one for the 2000. It should follow the Immaculate Collection form, chronological, not random. Madonna can't leave behind songs that have been mistreated a lot, like Everybody, Angel, Dress You Up, Gambler, True Blue...True Blue is very dated, but the 7" remix would be great. New material?one song will do, just for the hooking, with a great video. Lot of new material makes it even hard to make it sense. Madonna please don't leave ballad's behind, we love it, a love song from you, it's a voyage to the heart, some others just a routine. Finally, no Me Against the Music at all, I'd rather have White Heat!


  11. Anonymous Said,

    Hmm. This is tricky. A huge undertaking by Warner and Madonna's camp. It needs to be treated with the upmost dignity. No half-assed efforts.

    No demos. Like another person said, this can happen in years to come.

    It needs to be super glossy and refined, yet still comprehensive.

    It needs to do justice to every decade/era of her career.

    Stuart Price could do an ultimate 1hr megamix of her greatest hits as a bonus.

    It needs to have a DVD portion. Her videography needs to be offerred in its entirity. This includes I Want You, Erotica, Deeper and Deeper, This Used To Be My Playground, Justify My Love.

    The DVD portion needs to have bonus material such as Makings-Of, behind-the-scene footage, treatments, directorial commentary, and/or commentary by Madonna.

    The DVD portion also must include those amazing videos that were created for her tours, such as Paradise (Not For Me), Bedtime Stories (Orbital/Stuart Reinvention Tour remix), etc. These are works of art within themselves.

    Goodluck Warner. Don't disappoint us.


  12. Xtian Said,

    To the poster above, what you're suggesting is INSANE.

    I'm sure we'll get a SINGLE CD, with crappy recycled artwork and full of EDITS, now that's the Warner Bross release we've come to love to HATE!


  13. Anonymous Said,

    01. Die Another Day
    02. American Life
    03. Hollywood
    04. Nothing Fails
    05. Love Profusion
    06. Hung Up
    07. Sorry
    08. Get Together
    09. Jump
    10. 4 Minutes
    11. Give It 2 Me
    12. Miles Away
    13. Revolver **
    14. Celebrate **
    15. Put Ya' Lights Down **


  14. Anonymous Said,

    don't know about "Put Ya' Lights Down". The sound quality is so bad but it seems somewhat interesting. Which i could hear more from it.


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