The English Roses: “The Runway Rose”

Posted by Sylar On Friday, March 13, 2009
61JmxFZBl1L._SS500_ A new Madonna’s book for children from series of The English Roses, The Runway Rose, is about to get released on April 16th 2009. Pre-orders for book at Amazon.

Book description:
Amy’s absolutely thrilled when her mum gets her an after-school job working behind the scenes at Marks & Spencer Teen Fashionista week; it seems a perfect opportunity to polish her design skills and cultivate her true passion for fashion! But when a talent scout convinces Amy that she should actually appear on the runway as a model for the big show, things start to fall apart. Suddenly, Amy finds herself hanging with the beautiful people, and her head gets more than a little inflated as a result. What’s worse, she begins ditching the English Roses to hang with her fashionable new friends! The Roses have to wonder if she’s getting a wee bit big for her designer britches! Will Amy abandon her four best friends to follow the fashionista crowd forever?


3 Responses to "The English Roses: “The Runway Rose”"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    God, she is still writing these books? :D


  2. Xtian Said,

    Of course not, must be some crazy Kablahblahblah follower cashing on her name... stop the madness!!


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Actually they are pretty good.
    Not at all religious. Take a look at least. They look so cute!!


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