"Madonna was my inspiration - now I work for her"

Posted by Sylar On Monday, August 18, 2008
Hairdressers Jasmin Mann and Sam Turner are preparing for their biggest gig when they help out at Madonna's concert in the Millennium Stadium.

The pair, who work at the Vanilla Rooms salon, are part of the pop queen's styling team, and today, they begin working on the dancers' hair styles ahead of the show on Saturday.

Madonna is launching her Sticky and Sweet tour in the Welsh capital and the world will be watching as she wows the crowds with her latest routines.

Jasmin, 29, owner of salons in City Road, Roath, and Brandreth Road, Lakeside, said it was her dream job to help create the look her idol wanted.

"I'm a massive Madonna fan. I grew up listening to her songs," she said.

"My first ever album was the Immaculate Collection. It was scratched to pieces I listened to it so much. I grew up in the late 1980s and early '90s when she was ruling the world with her music and style.

"I think she is definitely my style icon. I love the way she reinvents herself. She is always on the edge of fashion and emerging trends. She is exceptional - to be always on the curve rather than following others, that's amazing."

Jasmin and Sam were given a briefing on Friday about the work they will be doing. But they did not find out until today about what kind of styles they will be working on.

Jasmin said: "It was amazing standing in the dressing room on Friday, knowing it is where Madonna and her dancers will be.

"I love her personal style. She really put her stamp on everything she does. She directs the style team rather than the other way around.

"It's amazing to think that I will be helping to create the vision she has decided for her dancers and I will be carrying out her instructions.

"She was definitely my fashion inspiration growing up. I'm so excited about this week."

Source : WalesOnline.co.uk (found on All About Madonna)

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