New layout

Posted by Sylar On Sunday, July 06, 2008
As you can see, MadgeTribe has gotten a new, more modern and stylish look.

I really hope you like it! (All comments appreciated!)

I would like to thank to Lukau13 for making this awesome header and buttons in the sidebar (he has also done them before for us, so thanks again) and Jack S. for all the help with XML script!

25 Responses to "New layout"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    wow! new layout looks awesome!


  2. Madonna Said,

    Its nice, but a bit big and chunky if I can be honest. Date buttons are huge as are author tags.


  3. Lope Said,

    Just PERFECT!!!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    I love the new layout!It looks awesome!


  5. Anonymous Said,

    That's very nice ! Thx a lot for your work. It's all really Give It 2 Me-ish !


  6. Chris Said,

    I love it !
    Great !
    I really love your blog !


  7. Anonymous Said,

    This layout is the best!!!!!!!!!


  8. chchln Said,

    wow, Sylar this is just perfect!
    i love it!
    reallly i like it soo much!



    I prefered the old layout. It looked more distinctive and original. This now looks like so many other blogs on the net. Disappointed. Sorry....


  10. Anonymous Said,

    I love the new layout :) very stylish...


  11. Anonymous Said,

    i love it looks great keep up all the good work we freakin love you!


  12. Anonymous Said,

    looks great =)


  13. Anonymous Said,

    WOW, the new Layout is much better than the old one! Really good! Your Site is the best!


  14. Hi, Sylar... I really like the new layout... it's more glamourous than the other... Is there any posibility to incluide again the side tags (downloads, music, photos, etc.)? Hope so...
    A big hug...



  15. Rodrigo Said,

    me gustaba mas el anterior :(


  16. newtxmgf Said,

    organized and easy to read. Great Job!


  17. Sylar Said,

    Thanks you for all of your positive or negative comments. You're the best!


  18. Anonymous Said,

    love the new layout great job


  19. voila Said,

    I think it's beautiful and Sleek! Excellent work! I LUV your site! MadonnaRadio


  20. Anonymous Said,

    This layout looks much more serious. It's less like a fan site than one from a real news organization.


  21. Anonymous Said,

    Love it! Congratulations and keep up the fabulous work


  22. Mr Legan Said,

    Love love love it!!

    It's cool cool and modern!!

    Except my dumb a$* Nokia N95 doesn't agree.

    Can't view your blog on my phone thats ok. It's better on the big screen anyway!!

    Mr L


  23. extrahappyluck Said,

    nicely done. i love it.


  24. PaJa Said,

    It is very nice, I really like it!


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