Nelly Furtado performing M's 'Give It 2 Me'

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, July 05, 2008
Last night Nelly Furtado gave a concert in Amsterdam. She mixed her version of Give It To Me with M's Give It 2 Me.
You can hear a tiny snippet, starting at 2:35 on YouTube.

Thanks to Berry from Madonna Fanzine!

7 Responses to "Nelly Furtado performing M's 'Give It 2 Me'"

  1. Ally Said,

    I used to like Nelly, but this version of hers totally sucks...


  2. Mdolla Said,

    A band called Boyce Avenue made a very nice acoustic version of 4MTSTW.



  3. GI2M Said,

    I love Nelly, she's fantastic


  4. Anonymous Said,

    At least she didn't do that lame "get stupid" part.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    They made a huge mistake by giving Nelly Furtado a record deal.. it's the most stupid girl i've ever heard/seen


  6. GI2M Said,

    I guess she's "the most stupid girl" with millions of dollars and a record contract. not everyone can be as smart as you!


  7. Sylar Said,

    I think that Nelly is great. I don't know much about her music pre-Loose, but I really like Loose.


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