Introduction to Christopher's book 'Life With My Sister Madonna'

Posted by Sylar On Monday, July 14, 2008
"Some readers may say that my dark side caused me to write this book, others that my sister's did. Some may say that seeing Madonna through my eyes is a way of fully comprehending her; others who believe she walks on water won't.

There are many ways of looking at this story - as a memoir of a shared childhood, as the celebration of an icon who turns fifty this year, as my autobiography...and as my answer to the eternal question "What is it really like being Madonna's brother?"

I had originally hoped that this book would also be a way for me to define myself and separate from my sister at last. Instead, it has been a catharsis. After getting some perspective on our story, I finally understand and accept that one aspect of my life will never change: I was born my mother's son, but I will die my sister's brother.

I no longer balk at the truth, because when all is said and done and written, I am truly proud that Madonna is my sister and always will be."

Thanks to thebossnyc from Madonna Fanzine!