Filth And Wisdom released in France during S&S Tour

Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, July 01, 2008
Madonna's directorial debut, Filth And Wisdom, will premiere in French Cinemas the week the star is in town for her Sticky & Sweet Tour

French distributor La Fabrique de Films informs MadonnaTribe that they will be the first ones to release the film in Europe on September 17 2008.

Filth and Wisdom is a British independent comedy revolving around a Ukrainian immigrant named A.K. who finances his dreams of rock glory by moonlighting as a cross-dressing dominatrix and his two female flatmates: Holly, a ballet dancer who works as a stripper and pole-dance at a local club and Juliette, a pharmacy assistant who dreams of going to Africa to help starving children.

The Gypsy punk band that appears in the film is portrayed by real-life Gypsy punk band, Gogol Bordello, who also contributed songs to the film’s soundtrack. The band’s lead singer, Eugene Hütz, portrays the main character – a character with a philosophical attitude towards life.

Stay Tuned for more info about the French Release.

Source: MadonnaTribe, News Of Madonna

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  1. Does anybody knows where madonna stays in paris??? i'll be there for the tour, i'll go from miles away!!! i want to have her as near as i can!!!


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