Dutch Promoter MOJO explain Ticket De Luxe/Golden Circle issue

Posted by Sylar On Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Important information regarding the Golden Circle and Ticket De Luxe in Amsterdam for the Sticky & Sweet Tour is coming from our friends at Madonna Underground.

There has been a lot of confusion whether people with regular field tickets would get a chance to enter the golden circle area. Live Nation elsewhere (not in Holland) had said that there was an area in front of the stage for all Hot Ticket holders and that regular field tickets holders could not enter the golden circle.

As for the Amsterdam date MOJO, the Dutch promoter, confirmed today after checking with Madonna's management that people with regular field tickets CAN access the golden circle! People with a Ticket de Luxe will have a different entrance to the golden circle, however these are only a couple of hundred people while a couple of thousand fit in the golden circle, so if you're on time you're guaranteed a spot in the golden circle!

No news yet about which are the goodies that will come with the Ticket de Luxe package.

Source: Madonna Underground, Madonna Tribe

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