Sticky & Sweet Tour: Latest reports from Spain

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, June 14, 2008
Today, the most important newspapers in Spain are reporting about possible Madonna's concert in Seville in September with her Sticky & Sweet Tour.

In fact, according to Europa Press, Spanish production company Music Frog is currently negotiating with Seville's Sociedad Estadio Olímpico to bring international concerts into the Estadio de la Cartuja, including Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour. Apparently, Music Frog and Sociedad Estadio Olímpico have been in talks for about four months.

All the sources that have been contacted insist that everything is all about "negotiation" right now.

Today's reports follow what Spanish newspaper Diario El Mundo reported yesterday. According to Diario El Mundo, Madonna's tour manager visited Seville's Olympic Stadium last week. Diario El Mundo contacted Sociedad Estadio Olímpico for more info, and they said that the stadium is currently reserved from September 10 to September 20, and that those who reserved it don't want them to give any info.

Source: Drowned Madonna

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