No more tickets released for Lisbon

Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Andreia Criner, coordinator of the marketing and communication division of Everything Is New - the Portuguese promoter of the Sticky & Sweet Tour - was recently on a tv show called Curto-Circuito on cable-channel Sic Radical, and she talked a little about Madonna and her show in Portugal:

"To organize a Madonna concert is always a thrill. I already had the privilege of working on her Re-Invention Tour stop in Portugal (with the promoter Música no Coração), and now its my second time and, for me it's a top job because Madonna is really a complete artist. The other time she was in Portugal with the Re-Invention show, with the last two dates of the tour and still she wanted to go through full rehearsals with dancers and musicians, paying attention to every detail like if it was the first show.

She's not a 'you go rehearse and I come later' person. Madonna is the one in charge and working hard. A super perfectionist and that's phenomenal."

Asked about new ticket availability for the September 14 show in Lisbon (as the venue allows a few more places that the ones sold) Criner said:

"The Madonna show is now sold out. To put some more thousands tickets on sell would be good, but what's the point of doing it if then people would not see the show well. We have to care about the public."

Source: Madonna Tribe

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