Madonna, Chile and Grass

Posted by Sylar On Friday, June 13, 2008
Here's a funny Brazilian article translated by our collaborator Edgar, about Chilean authorities prefering not to have Madonna's tour in the country because they are afraid the stadium's grass will be damaged.

Chile prefers intact grass than a Madonna show. The possibility American singer Madonna will include the city of Santiago on her Latin American tour is becoming thinner after the Chilean government this Thursday stated that the National stadium is not available for activities other than sports.

"I love Madonna, but Madonna sings and goes away. I'd like to keep the grass at its best. The grass stays and Madonna goes away," said Francisco Vidal, spokesman for the government, after a local promoter began negotiations to bring Madonna to Santiago with her "Sticky & Sweet Tour 2008".

The National Stadium gives a capability of offers 60.000 people, essential for a show of this magnitude. Last year the lawn of the National Stadium was seriously damaged after a series of concerts by international artists and to repair it the whole stadium had to be kept closed for several months.

Source: MadonnaTribe

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