Freemasons reveal that they were forced to say no to a Madonna remix

Posted by Sylar On Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Chart-topping dance duo Freemasons have revealed that their popularity meant they were forced to say no to a Madonna remix.

The Brighton pair - whose recent remix of Kelly Rowland’s Work reached number four in the UK singles charts - told that they had to turn down the chance to remix the Material Girl as they were simply too busy.

"We turned down Madonna the other week," explained Russell Small.

"Not because we wanted to but because of a time issue. We’ve got two more remixes to do and we’ve just co-produced a track for the Will Young album so we just didn’t have time.

"And we want to make an album at the end of the summer, so we’re not taking on new material."
Small also admitted that the pair almost turned down the chance to rework Rowland’s Work.

"We were expecting Matthew Knowles - Beyonce’s father, who also manages Kelly Rowland - to ask us to do a house mix of the song," he explained.
"And we’re very precious about our vocals and when we sped the Kelly Rowland vocals up, it sounded… dreadful.

"So we went back to them and said we wanted freedom to do what we wanted. And they said we could do whatever we liked!"
Freemasons’ new single When You Touch Me, featuring Katherine Ellis, is released on June 23rd.

Source: (found on Drowned Madonna)

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    DAMN, their work would have been so much better than the other crap that passes for Madonna remixes these days. But they should have turned down Kelly Rowland and said yes to Madonna!


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