DL: Orbit's Instrumentals

Posted by Sylar On Monday, June 30, 2008
CD 1
01. Drowned World (alternate version)
02. Swim
03. Ray Of Light (version 1)
04. Candy Perfume Girl
05. Nothing Really Matters
06. Sky Fits Heaven
07. Shanti
08. Frozen
09. The Power Of Goodbye
10. To Have And Not To Hold
11. Mer Girl (alternate version)
12. Ray Of Light (unreleased Orbit remix)
13. Has To Be (version 1)


CD 2
01. Drowned World
02. Ray Of Light (version 2)
03. Amazing
04. Time Stood Still
05. Mer Girl (version 2)


Thanks to Weissman from Madonna Fanzine and Austin from MadgeTribe!

7 Responses to "DL: Orbit's Instrumentals"

  1. thabeatgoeson Said,

    to the owner of this website, sylar. one day i am going to find out who you are and going to say thank you thank you thank you for all these madonna uploads!!!!! thanks so much!!!


  2. Sylar Said,

    I hope you'll also buy me a drink :D


  3. Sylar - You deserve MORE than a drink! Two drinks! I am almost in tears listening to the instrumental versions of the tracks from Ray Of Light - they reminded me how exquisite and extraordinary the album was - a spirituality that is unique from the rest of Madonna's albums! I remember vividly as I was transported back in time to 1998... ten years ago. I just got sentimental... the flashback is too overwhelming. Thank you. - chwee (singapore)


  4. Mikey1 Said,

    Thanks so much!!


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Thank you!!!
    P. S. Why there isn't "Little star"?


  6. Sylar Said,

    Little Star wasn't produced by Orbit ;)


  7. Anonymous Said,

    If you fing instrumental version of this song, please, place it in this blog.


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