Malawi set to approve Madonna's adoption

Posted by Sylar On Friday, May 09, 2008

Authorities in Malawi are set to grant full adoption rights of an African boy to US pop star Madonna, a high court official indicated Friday, citing a leaked document.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the court in Lilongwe would hear a full review on May 15 of an 18-month interim custody order granted in 2006 for Madonna to adopt David Banda.

The court had also received recommendations from the ministry of women and child development to make the adoption permanent.

The document, referring to Madonna's filmmaker husband Guy Ritchie and herself, said: "Mr and Mrs Ritchie have shown a strong commitment in providing the infant with all essential needs like love, safe home environment, care, protection, material as well as emotional support."

The document, filed by an official of the ministry identified as Simon Chisale, said David, the son of peasant farmer Yohane Banda, had "bonded well with the couple and other key members of the household."

The report said David, plucked from an orphanage in poor health, "continues to develop into a happy thriving toddler. His survival, growth and development is excellent."

The celebrity couple were being monitored at their London home whether they were suitable parents for David by Malawian social workers.

The official said Madonna, who is expected to return to Malawi next week to continue her charity work, will not be required during the hearing, which will be held in camera.

"She will have to come to court to sign the full adoption documents later," the official said.

A coalition of rights groups, the Human Rights Consultative Committee, as "friends of the court" have challenged the adoption and are seeking a full review of the interim order granted to Madonna.

The interim order elapsed in April after it was controversially granted in 2006 allowing Madonna to take David out of Malawi.

The ruling sparked a heated debate about adoption laws in the poor southern African nation where AIDS has left one million orphans.

The rights groups claim that existing legislation does not allow for intra-country adoptions and accuse Madonna of using her vast wealth to fast-track the adoption process.

Source : AFP

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