Madonna's 'I Am Because You Are' introduction speech

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, May 22, 2008

Here is the full transcript of the few words Madonna said just before the screening of I Am Because You Are yesterday evening in Cannes:

"So, first of all i'd like to thank everyone for coming here tonight.It's an incredible honour to have the opportunity to show this film here in Cannes where there is so much media attention and so many people who love the art of film-making.

The combination for me is intoxicating because this is a movie i would like the world to see.I would like to thank personally Thierry (ie Cannes festival director Thierry Fremaux) for allowing this to happen. I think when I sent him the film I may have held my breath a bit too long waiting for his answer. I'm pretty sure I turned purple (she laughs). Anyway I'm so happy that it's here and you're giving me the opportunity to say thank you.

To say that this film is a labour of love is true but it's kind of trivial because really what it is is a journey of a lifetime, a journey that continues even though the film is finished. I won't explain or say anything 'cause it speaks for itself. I hope that all of you are as inspired by watching the film as i was by making it. Merci beaucoup."

Source: Madonna Tibe

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