Madonna Unplugged

Posted by Sylar On Thursday, May 22, 2008

Here's Cynthia McFadden's Blog on her Interview that airs tonight on ABC 10pm EST:

Madonna and I were taking about kids: whether she gives her kids an allowance (she does not); whether they are allowed to watch television (they are not); and the chores they have to do to earn spending money (plenty).

In this town known for outrageous expressions of glut and glamour, a woman who has had her share of both stood there silently taking it all in. "You could have one of those yachts, if you wanted," I finally said. "And all the richy-richy stuff." "It doesn't look good on me," she said reflectively.

What’s happened to the Material Girl? She says she enjoys fine things, expensive things and quickly points out she lives very well indeed (she had arrived earlier from her home in London by private jet with various members of her staff), but she says the accumulation of things has become less interesting to her.

It was a mellow end to a wild two hours together. We talked about men, in general; her husband, in particular. Her music. How she sometimes frightens herself. What she thinks about turning 50-years-old this summer…and why she is adopting a baby. (She says she hopes the adoption will be finalized this week.)

She says, with surprise in her voice, several times as we talk, that she doesn't quite know what has gotten into her. She is saying things she has never said publicly before. Like how Pharrell Williams had hurt her feelings and made her cry while they were working on her new album. Like how her husband was slow to warm up to the idea of adopting. She tells me how she gave her gardener a chance to direct her documentary because everyone has to have a first chance. Hadn't she been the girl squeezing the filling in the Dunkin' Donuts?

Maybe it was the soft breezes in the south of France. Whatever the lucky reason, it is a rare, intimate, funny and unplugged Madonna, unlike the woman who usually approaches interviews like most of us do a root canal: necessary perhaps, but painful. But not this time. Not here in Cannes where she has come to debut that new documentary "I am Because We Are" about the small African country of Malawi.

You can read the whole article here.

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