DL: 'Hard Candy' lyrics from the Japanese edition of HC

Posted by Sylar On Friday, May 23, 2008
Reader of MadgeTribe, chweebs, has managed to scan the lyrics from the lyric booklet included in the Japanese edition of Madonna's latest album, 'Hard Candy' and wants to share it with our readers.
(*There are some mistakes in the lyric booklet, but in general they are correct)

Download link:

Thank you, chweebs!

3 Responses to "DL: 'Hard Candy' lyrics from the Japanese edition of HC"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Sylar, there are so many mistakes in this - almost every song has errors and some are way off. Surely this is fan made.


  2. Sylar Said,

    They really are from Japanese edition of HC, believe me.
    I guess they didn't get the lyrics from Madonna's management or sth., but transcribed it by themselves.

    When I get 100 % real lyrics, I'll post them here too ;)


  3. Hi Sylar - For those of us who have been collecting the Japanese edition of Her Madgesty's CDs, we know the degree of accuracy (of the lack of) to which the Japanese office of WEA could achieve for the lyrics. As usual, the booklet comes with the Japanese translation as well as the liner notes in Japanese.

    I 'filtered' out the Japanese lyrics so that Madgetribe supporters can have an official authentic copy of the lyrics to refer to in the meantime until ICON or madonna.com publishes it online.

    IF someone who downloads it and do not like it just because they cannot appreciate the material (never mind the fact that many of us here have an abundance mentality to share freely), the nameless free rider could just delete it.


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