'Four Minutes' played on radio only a demo?

Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, March 04, 2008
Warner Music Holland just confirmed this. The final result is 'way better' according to Warner and will be handed out to DJ's at the end of March!

Source: Madonna Fanzine

UPDATE: DJs have already received the single - this means that Warner's statement is not true.

6 Responses to "'Four Minutes' played on radio only a demo?"

  1. electroguy Said,

    The leaked version of Music WAS a demo.It was very simnilar to the final version but it was a demo.
    I don't believe the promos are already out.What's the point of sending the promos NOW when the single will be released only late this month?
    For the others singles the demo was sent to the stations 1 day before or the same day of the radui debut.


  2. Th0m4s1993 Said,

    I think it would be foolish of Warner to already sent out promo's, because nearly every radio station in the world wants the radio premiere of '4 minutes". It don't think Warner's statement is untrue.


  3. Anonymous Said,

    Whatever French radio played, it cannot be official. The quality is way too bad for that...


  4. Anonymous Said,

    And if the final cut changed in the last minute? Maybe Madonna team saw the bad feedback and decided to change a little the song! Just a thought!


  5. Anonymous Said,

    I guess the leaked version is a demo, because the promo discs / files weren't sent out to DJs so far. The French radio station got a leaked mp3. I wonder where the hell they got it from??


  6. Anonymous Said,

    In other words: the initial feedback from fans has been horrible, so we're going back into the studio and doing a last-minute remix so it doesn't suck so bad.


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