Pictures from the listening party

Posted by Sylar On Friday, January 04, 2008

It's not every day that Warner Bros. Records gets a visit from the Material Girl herself. Well we didn't exactly roll out a red carpet - but we did build a plastic brick path inspired by the Candyland game that Miss M. happily strolled down on the way to our conference room which was completely transformed into a palatial pink and white candy emporium. All we knew was there was a song on her upcoming CD that mentions a candy shop - henceforth our theme. And of course, Madonna's love for candy - especially hot tamales is pretty well known. This was strictly for the Warner Bros. Records employees - no press, no photographers, no cell phones. Madonna, always the perfect hostess screamed out different song choices to our resident dj by numbers. "Jesse, play no. 5 next" and so on. We were treated to l0 songs with comments by the artist on some of her collaborators Pharrell, Justin, Timbaland, an appearance by Kanye West, etc.
Every song was a knock out with two apparant favorites being Four Minutes to Save The World and Candy Shop or Candy Store (not decided)...Madonna mentioned she was a little nervous as it was the first official playing of the music. Thankfully it was a room filled with Madonna fans who cheered after every song was played. Champagne and soda and lots of candy later, we all agreed that we felt blessed that we worked at Warner Bros. Records.
Thanks to Tomi Luka


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  1. Anonymous Said,

    i don't see any RIT posters in that pics...


  2. Anonymous Said,

    seriously, i can't imagine anyone feeling BLESSED to work at what remains of warner bros. music. madge or not....


  3. DwH Said,

    You guys did a great job setting this up. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Tomi Luka Said,

    You're welcome. I got the link through Matt R at


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