Update: ALL track titles from this year's sessions

Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Here you have a comment that an anonymous reader of this blog posted a few hours ago. I want to remind you that all of the news or better said rumours and lyrics, that have been posted here, are not 100% accurate, but time will tell. I hope most of them will be true :D

If you have any exclusive news or rumours, please make a comment or write me an email and I will post it.

Thank you!

Comment from an anonymus reader:

your previous blog is not true. the following 19 tracks listed which I include is accurare. but this isn't written in stone. these are recorded tracks madonna has
worked on with timbaland, pharell, justin timberlake and few other
producers i cannot name at this time. not all will make the cut. the
album is not completed. there is a huge push for the album to be
released in late October. madonna is eager to put together a video
ep (DVD) before she starts rehearsing her tour next year. do not
think just because timabland is involved that madonna is going hip
hop or black on us. the sound for the new record is eclectic and
different than what we hear on america radio but not too far
removed that radio can't play it. madonna has combined
electronic/triphop/rock/dance on this album.

Feeling Good
Black Tie Affair
Pretty Little Thang
Within The Night
The Beat Goes On
Trip the Light
Candy Shop
High Rollers
Turn It Up
Isle of Man
Do I Care
White Knight
Lovers Delight
Going Down
Adolescent Fears

Thanks again for the comment and I hope you'll come to my blog again!

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