[Scoop] Interesting News from Jeffrey Fulvimari

Posted by Sylar On Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SCOOP - Here are some interesting news from Jeffrey Fulvimari:

I don’t think it’s a secret anymore that I am doing 12 new books for Madonna, with Callaway Arts and Entertainment/Puffin. I just finished the first FOUR, and they will be released in Fall 07. I am very excited to continue my collaboration with the undisputed QUEEN OF POP. Give it up for her, y’all. She’s FOKKING AMAZING!!!! I love working with her, and the English Roses, I feel, are our 5 little children. It’s sort of like I have had 5 children with Madonna, and they are growing up to be amazing young ladies....

The stories are longer and the characters have become much more developed. They are written for an older reader (8+), and go much more further into the lives of these girls than was possible earlier.

We’re all very excited on TEAM ROSE, and the best part of the entire project and property, is that Madonna truly makes the lion’s share of the profits, and that is all funneled into her RAISING MALAWI project. This has been millions already, and could potentially become millions upon millions more in unbridled giving to the numbers of orphans in this part of the world who need so much. I could never have dreamed that one day I would be involved with such a thing. Takes my breath away.......

Never before have I given the copyright ownership to another person or entity, and I am so glad to have given it to Madonna. She is perhaps the only living person in the world who would exploit such an advantage to GIVING, and to helping to RAISE what is perhaps the most impoverished country in Africa, if not in all of the world. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why she remains one of the few great WONDERS OF THE WORLD. Did I mention that I may LOVE MADONNA????????

So, I hope anyone out there who likes and follows my work I am sure are as excited as I am to see what she and I have come up with to continue our little collab.

special thanks to Charles and Jeffrey Fulvimari.

Source: DrownedMadonna

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