[RUMOUR] Candy Shop Video Story Board?

Posted by Sylar On Saturday, July 28, 2007
Madonna is interested in making a number of mini-films for her music
videos this time around. she hopes to make 5 mini-films from 5 hopeful singles by the new year. She hopes to interject a lot of
dry humor/comedy in them, make them more like a skit. the five
videos are planned to be packaged in one DVD/VIDEO collection. The
plan is to complete five videos before she starts rehearsing for
her 2008 tour in February or March. first up is the 'candy shop'
video. This is the the tentative story board concept for the mini-

Madonna owns a 50's inspired candy shop. Her attire as the store
owner is right out of a fairy tale book ala June Cleaver look. Her
attire for the back room is more like a dominatrix. While the
store fronts as a real candy store, the back room is more of a
brothel of wild activity. Madonna hopes to bring in a lot of guest
stars in this video, mainly as customers who come in the store who
can hear strange noises coming from the back room. The video keeps
cutting back to the back room giving glimpses of what really goes
on in back rooms of stores. It's not all sexual either. It's more
of like poking fun of the media's attention on stars. Madonna
hopes to bring in celebrities who has had run-ins with the law or
have been caught being unfaithful with their partner. example, she
wants Hugh Grant to play an innocent customer who walks in, hearing
some commotion from the background, joking to Madonna's character
about it sounding like someone is having wild sex in the back room.
then the camera cuts back to the back room where two other huge
stars (preferably two celebrities of the same sex) who have a
squeaky clean image in the public eye having a wild sexual
encounter. She is interested in exaggerating what the press does
with her and other stars.
Justin is interested in directing this video. Madonna is
interested in co-directing, but may just let Justin direct on his
own. she's currently calling out for famous known old tv show sets
to use in the video.

Madonna is in negotiations in doing an endorsement for a huge
company. Word is that it has something to do with 'candy'. That's
all i can say.

Source: DrownedMadonna

June Cleaver inspired look:

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